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John Chuckman



“Syria chemical attack: Bombing continues in Idlib as Assad regime denies killing 72 people with toxic gas”

Denies killing?

Of course, he does.

What a shabby way to twist a simple fact. He killed no one, and the people actually responsible for such horrors, the mercenary armies of thugs dumped into Syria, are given credibility for saying he did.

It is American- and British- and Israeli-supported rag-tag mercenaries who did this.

And you never stop the dirty game of suggesting it was the legitimate government – a government which just happens to be seriously disliked by Israel, America, and Britain – that did such horrible acts.

Shameless and disgusting.

These ugly mercenaries have now killed people with illegal poison gas weapons on a dozen occasions, and you just keep pushing the lies that started several years ago under dear, smiling Obama, who just happened to want an excuse to impose a no-fly zone, the imposition of which would have allowed him to begin reducing Syria to the human rubbish pile he made of Libya.

Now that it appears the US has reduced its support of Syrian opposition terrorists – although the extent is not at all clear – I think we can expect more of this savagery from the hired thugs wrecking Syria.

Things are not going their way, and they will become more desperate.

“Fake news” is no joke, and it is found in the corporate press at least as much as it is the independent media on the Internet. This article is an excellent and important example.

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