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John Chuckman



‘Israel’s intelligence minister said Tel Aviv was given box seats for Trump’s missile attack, which “restored” US prestige in Middle East’ 

Well, Netanyahu has spent his life demonstrating he likes killing and threatening people.

I’m sure he enjoyed the show, just like the ghouls who sat on lawn chairs up on the heights near Gaza when they watched and cheered as Israeli planes bombed women and children the last time Israel attacked that giant refugee camp-outdoor prison.

We do have a number of sick and frightening people in power in various countries of the world, but this creature from Madam Tussaud’s Chamber of Horrors, Netanyahu, tops them all.

Most people in the world, I feel sure, understand this.

But he and his nasty little colony are protected night and day from criticism and even from the law by the same folks who pulled this ugly stunt in Syria.

He is one of the earth’s monsters free to steal, kill, and imprison without any consequences.

And he is protected by the kind of people who give chemical weapons to rag-tag mercenaries to use on civilians to create an excuse for still more killing. How low can a great nation fall?

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