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John Chuckman



“Bashar al Assad: Syria chemical attack is ‘100 per cent fabrication’”

This is entirely possible.

Photos of the phony White Helmets show them handling Sarin victims without gloves and head cover.

You simply cannot do that.

One pin-point drop of Sarin nerve agent on your skin is fatal.

Of course, we’ve also seen other faked scenes from the Al-Qaeda-associate and covertly supported phony NGO called White Helmets, as ones of a little dusty-faced child in the back of truck at the height of the Aleppo campaign, an image proved fraudulent later.


Readers may be interested in this story on the gas attack:



Response to another reader who wrote:

“Can’t our reporters even pretend to be objective?”

You are kidding, aren’t you?

Classical journalism is dead.

The corporate press does nothing beyond echoing government claims and reporting every rumor which tends to do so.

The truth is, apart from being in bed with the establishment, corporate journalism is too broke to do the costly thing of real investigative reporting.

The economic model supporting the old press has collapsed under developments on the Internet, such as important advertising revenue having been lost to others.

Truly, for anyone to expect to find real reporting in today’s corporate press is about as hopeless as waiting for Jesus to return.

One must read the corporate press just to get a sense of what is being “put out there” and then compare with a diversity of other sources.

It still isn’t perfect, but it is a fool’s errand today to expect to find honest reporting on any international relations topic and even many domestic political topics in your old regular newspaper or television broadcast.

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