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John Chuckman



“‘Nodding like bobbleheads’: Putin slams NATO’s support for US violation of intl law in Syria”

“Nodding like bobbleheads”


A vivid image of the situation.

It is striking and at the same time pitiful that Europe behaves this way over a double violation of international laws and norms.

And I’m sorry to say, Canada’s Justin Trudeau is right in there with them, head bobbing around and mouth making stupid sounds, a handsome bobblehead without a thought of his own.

His father, Pierre, was not such a man, but then Justin is not in almost any detail his father’s match.


Response to another reader’s comment on being disappointed in Trudeau:

Disappointed is an understatement.

Remember (his father) Pierre Trudeau’s “just society”?

Remember Pierre’s refusal to drop views which were independent of the American power structure, as in the case of Cuba?

Remember Pierre’s insistence on a nation of laws, as in the case of the FLQ?

Justin Trudeau is an immense disappointment who seems to possess little of his father’s best qualities.

He seems to stand for nothing.

Pictures cuddling pandas are charming, but their meaning is as lasting as having your shoes shined.

He gave up on vote reform without a real effort, the single most important domestic reform he could have done.

He dilly-dallies about other important matters.

He has made some terrible appointments, notably as with the new Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland, a tedious old-line Canadian Ukrainian with a mentality stuck in 1963 and a personality totally unsuited to represent the best of our country in the world.

She’s the ethnic mental-emotional equivalent of someone from an old Italian peasant-origin family where the Duce is still revered.

He had a very good man in Dion and let him go? Why? To appoint an intellectual and emotional midget whose prejudices are in keeping with the American establishment’s new brutal efforts to push Russia to the brink in getting its way to burn down half the Middle East. Her husband is a reporter for what has been called the house organ of America’s power establishment, the New York Times.

Justin Trudeau’s only merit was helping say goodbye to Stephen Harper, but that goodbye is beginning to seem no goodbye at all, much as is the case with Trump’s turning, we might as well have the proven killer of thousands of women and their families, Hillary, running the empire.

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