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John Chuckman


“WHY Did The United States Really Topple LIBYA – Same Reason They Want To Topple ASSAD?’ 

It was all best said by Lord Acton long ago.

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

The United States’ establishment is very near the last stages of that inevitable process.

Israel and its greedy expansion against all rules of law and respect for human rights, by the way, are directly or indirectly responsible for virtually every horror in the Mideast for fifteen years. Some they handled directly, many the US handled for them.

What is mistakenly called “international terror” is nothing but the work of desperate young men trying to strike a blow back for what has been done to their homes and families.

Oh, there is another form of terror, and that is the one America deliberately uses in place after place to destroy governments it doesn’t like. Mercenaries who just happen to be Muslim or pretend to be.

Outfits like ISIS and Al-Nusra, etc, all were created under American auspices and have been supplied by America directly or by American allies like Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Oman – all with covert assistance from Britain and France.

They are tools to get what you want, and when you have secured what it is that you want, the tools are quite disposable, as we see here and there. The hired mercenaries often end up killed themselves.

You could think the Mafia actually ran America’s foreign affairs, but the Mafia is an amateur outfit compared to the American establishment with its supporting armies of CIA and the Pentagon – all with their filthy work nicely blessed by a meaningless corporate press.

The entire horror of massive refugee armies, nearly destabilizing Europe, is caused by the same thing, as America bombs half a dozen countries and sends rag-tag mercenaries to kill in many of them. The people run for their lives, and America, who caused their plight, refuses to even take them.

But, of course, Israel really is an American colony in the Mideast. It is no more meaningfully independent than Texas, and it serves a number of American imperial interests in the region, much the way the old corrupt Shah of Iran used to do. And most of its leaders are dual nationals.

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