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John Chuckman



“Syrian regime has ‘at least 2,000 tonnes’ of chemical weapons hidden away, says Brigadier-General Zaher al-Sakat”

Well, if there is dog crap to find, The Independent will find it.

It is, if you will, a perverse form of investigative reporting frequently featured.

Certainly, what most people think of as investigative reportage long ago disappeared from The Independent.

No one knows or cares who this clown of a general is, Assad’s giving up his poison gas weapons was absolutely genuine, as every informed person knows.

It was done under a crisis situation, with both the United States and Russia signing off on it. Russia did the direct supervision, removal, and destruction.

Assad himself and Putin both had the strongest incentive to do things right with Obama threatening a “no-fly” zone, a gimmick America has used time and time again to basically seize control of the air and start bombing at will pretending it is responding to bad guys.

And just the very idea that anyone could jerk Putin around this way is proof of the general’s brutal ignorance or deliberate dishonesty.

How anyone who has followed current affairs, anyone with a brain, and anyone with no propaganda motive, could imply that about Putin is laughable.

Here is the supreme statesman-leader of our time, without question, and this goofy, runaway general, hoping to make himself important in exile, claims nonsense about him? Speaks for itself.

And, please, just once, wouldn’t it be right to discuss all the poisons the United States has sent to Syria over the last five years via Turkey – where some of it was actually caught at the border by guards, guards who got themselves in trouble with the secret service, doing too scrupulous a job – and Saudi Arabia.

Hillary Clinton oversaw a project in Libya – another well-run country America destroyed – removing some of the murdered Gaddafi’s weapons, including poisons like Sarin, and shipping them around the Mediterranean for smuggling into Syria.

She was ready to repeat in Syria the ugly play done in Libya, as was her mass-murderer boss, Obama.

Unlike the asinine general’s daydreams, we absolutely know this to be true from the world’s last genuine investigative reporter, Seymour Hersh.

By the way, here is another reliable independent reporter’s story on what happened at Idlib:

In this account, Israel is involved, as it has been covertly the whole time in the project to destroy and partition Syria. That’s what the phony civil war is about, what Israel wants in its region. Good reason for killing 300,000 people don’t you think?


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