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John Chuckman



“Britain could join US in Syria air strikes against Assad without parliamentary approval, Boris Johnson says”

Lovely statement.

Britain has reached a new low since the mass murders of Tony Blair.

Syria has attacked no one.

Its government is one of the better ones in the region.

Its minority of Christians support Assad, who has always protected them.

The country is fighting desperately against gangs of armed thugs, collected, trained, supplied, and paid by America and Israel and Saudi Arabia and Turkey and Oman plus lots of past help from Britain and France.

Since when does an honorable country or an honorable statesman support attacking a country like Syria? That opposes every principle of rule of law and human decency.

Welcome to the world of the Neocon Wars. Fifteen years of bombing and killing anyone you don’t happen to like. Like hateful little boys crushing butterflies or smashing birds’ eggs underfoot, just because they can.

All that death and horror and destabilizing armies of refugees created by just this very thing.

Why? Because America and its nasty Middle East colony want Syria treated like Iraq or Libya or Yemen.

A total disgrace for every person of conscience on the planet.

While smaller in scope, these wars are ethically and morally indistinguishable from those of Mussolini or Hitler.

I consider how much things have changed, and not for the better, since Lyndon Johnson failed to get most NATO countries to join with his insane crusade in Vietnam, something which turned into a holocaust killing three million people, achieving nothing.

Fifty years later, most are on board for an equally insane round of barbarism which has already killed a couple of million and sent millions running from their homes.

Two mindless bouts of mass murder and destruction just to get something you want and only decades apart.

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