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John Chuckman




Just total non-think.

Good God, civil war cannot happen in contemporary America.

Neither can any meaningful rebellion or uprising.

Americans are literally buried under countless layers of police and military and security, all with the most advanced weapons and intrusive security mechanisms.

Perhaps, silly stuff like this just proves where the brains of some Americans are stuck.

The best part of two centuries ago.



Response to another reader’s bizarre comment about how I’ve missed all the change happening in America:

And you need a brain transplant.

Virtually nothing real has happened. Trump’s election was a pathetic illusion of change.

As anyone can see, he is now married to the Neocons and the military/security establishment, exactly like Hillary or Obama.

He is pushing aggressive tactics in Syria, Iran, and against Russia.

Israel is as happy as a kid with a new toy under Trump. It appears to get anything it wants and suffers absolutely no reproach for its countless brutalities and injustices and its total disregard for the rule of law.

Trump has not created one meaningful change for the American economy. We only hear a lot of blubbering about the terms of trade with some countries. Tearing up this or that treaty. Believe me, trade wars are not a route to prosperity.

He has not made any serious cuts in the outrageous levels of government spending, outrageous at many levels but especially in the non-productive and risk-generating expenditures of the military/security complex.

And, remember, all of that spending is with non-existent funds, just more debt piled on debt.

Congress is still bought and paid for. Completely.

Your rights are disappearing daily. Everything you write or see is now stored as data with the NSA.

And the total armed establishment controlling your society – my original point you managed to miss completely – is beyond anything ever seen before in history.

The total of military, armed security, secret services, and police forces at all different levels means Americans are virtually frozen in place by immense force.

A colossal set of forces, including all those city police ready to shoot anyone at the drop of a hat. They now kill more than 1,100 Americans every year, three per day, and they send 50,000 to hospitals every year, mostly with no consequences for themselves.

Well, P.T. Barnum said it best, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”


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