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John Chuckman



“How relations between White House and intelligence agencies crumbled in Donald Trump’s first 100 days

“Mr Trump cannot shake off the allegations that he was the ‘Muscovite Candidate’”

American intelligence agencies have already ended the Trump presidency, in case you hadn’t noticed.

And the corporate press, never checking facts and always quoting intelligence officials as though they were dependable, helped in the job of wresting power from an elected president. Look at you still using a stupid, baseless expression like “Muscovite Candidate,” even if you place it in quotes to cover your ass.

Trump, who was something of an interesting maverick, has totally collapsed to the internal pressures.

He proved a coward, something no one expected.

But then those hugely unaccountable, immensely well-financed, and dirty-tricks-oriented security services can be very scary.

And far be it from the corporate press ever to question anything that gang of life-long liars and dirty-tricks guys say. Rather, you only serve to amplify their volume and validate their authority.

Everyone should be concerned that what has been proved conclusively in three months is that American elections are noisy, expensive shows with no real meaning.

We now have killer Hillary sitting in the Oval Office in reverse-drag.


Response to another reader calling Hillary the lesser of two evils:

 I don’t see how you can say that with any knowledge.

She has an appalling record of killing and brutality.

Remember her psychopathic, “We came, we saw, he died. Ha! ha! ha!” on Gaddafi’s murder?

He had been a good ruler for his people – free education, good water systems, many good services, and kept them out of war – but Obama and Hillary knew better. Now Libya is in ruins and full of violence.

And that’s just one of her achievements.

She made the call on the FBI attacking Waco because she wanted it out of the political headlines. Bill could never stand up to her demands because his long record of reckless sexual behavior gave her immense leverage over him. Eighty people were incinerated, including women and children. They were kooks, but they did not deserve that.

Hillary was also responsible for stocks of Gaddafi’s chemical weapons, including Sarin nerve gas, being transferred to Syria to kill women and children. It was all part of an elaborate plan to topple another decent, but too independent-minded, leader in the Mideast, Assad. We know this from journalist Seymour Hersh.


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