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John Chuckman



“…here’s why so many of my generation still call themselves Blairites”

No need to explain, Hannah Fearn.

America’s P.T. Barnum said it best a century or so ago.

“There’s a new sucker born every minute.”

The truth is, apart from his monumental lying and war crimes, Tony Blair was a hyperactive, talkative incompetent.

For example, he made a mess with the Millennium Dome project, spending a billion dollars to produce an ugly structure that had no use whatsoever after the fairly insipid display put on for the millennium.

The show was dozy and dull. And Blair also pushed the Queen into doing things that she did not want to do and that demeaned her position, as for that big hand-holding circle he had her forced into as though she were an elderly flower child.

His incompetence was seen in many things, including acts after office. His appointment to the Mideast Quartet was a bad joke. He treated it as nothing more than a sinecure with a big salary, expenses, and a limo.

He made no contribution at all, and actually behaved cowardly several times, as the time he refused to fly in for a meeting because he was afraid.

Of course, Blair was always a bought-and-paid-for servant of the Israel Lobby, so he couldn’t, if he wanted to, contribute anything to Mideast peace.

That is why he threw his hat into the invasion of Iraq and helped kill a million people and destroy an advanced Arab state. It was a favorite project of Ariel Sharon’s.

That is, of course, also why he received the million-dollar Israel “Peace” Prize afterwards.

All in all, a tasteless, cowardly, narcissistic man of very little merit.

And what a couple he and his loopy fish-wife made. It was often a clown-show, as you can plainly see here:

And this is fun:



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