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John Chuckman



“Two Stories Signal Trump’s No Longer Running the Show”

Two stories?

Sorry, but there is a mountain of evidence, both on the macro-level of policies and pursuits abroad and on the micro-level of personal behavior and the abrupt changing of the staff around him.

There was a turning point with the phony Clinton-CIA-corporate press-FBI Russian-influence attacks.

I can’t pinpoint the day, but it is clear that there was a point where Trump completely buckled. Even his speech and communicating patterns have changed quite noticeably.

It was truly cowardly of him, but then these people, especially the CIA, can create an immense amount of difficulty for you if they are so motivated.

And they can be very intimidating, I’m sure. After all, they kill and overthrow and corrupt abroad, and they do not have to ever even testify truthfully as to what they’ve done. This was made clear by past Director Helms after the Kennedy assassination.

CIA resembles a huge gang of psychopathic frat boys with unlimited resources to play dirty tricks. And with so many decades of essentially free run, they have absorbed a set of attitudes and ethics that ordinary people simply cannot understand.

After all, the CIA’s real business abroad – as an immensely well-financed covert army serving America’s establishment in everything from corrupting foreign elections, arranging coups, disrupting economies, and even training mercenaries – gives them the tools and resources and the inclination to apply the same set of tricks at home.

I don’t know why anyone would think otherwise.

A free society simply cannot have such an institution. It is a violation of every principle of democracy, human rights, and just plain ethics.

Genuine information collection abroad is fine, but that has long been only a small part of what CIA does. The operations side of the institution is overwhelmingly dominant, almost using the information side of the house as a cover story.

Again, they serve the corporate and institutional interests of a world empire, and you cannot have both a world empire and a decent society at home. It just cannot be, and you have the evidence right before your eyes, but, as a wise man said, there are none so blind as those who will not see.

A footnote: George Bush Pere, so far as we know, was the first actual CIA President. He was a lifelong “made man” going back to activities during the Kennedy years around Cuba. They don’t name the headquarters building after you just because you served a brief two-year term as Director, and his name actually is contained in one obscure document turned up after the Kennedy assassination.

I suspect, for many reasons, Obama was the second “made man” President. His whole personality – with an intense embrace of secrecy and hatred of leaks – and much about his resume – unexplained gaps and irregularities in his life – suggests the possibility.

There is the narcissistic personality, too, frequently crossing over into psychopathy, as with the murder of Gadhafi and destruction of Libya, the filthy program of murder and destruction in Syria, and his support for an industrial scale hi-tech extrajudicial killing program which just happens to be run by CIA.

The big smiles, the superficial charm, all while lying constantly and supporting the deaths of tens of thousands – that’s just the kind of man CIA seeks.

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