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John Chuckman


“FBI Director James Comey Names Russia ‘Greatest Threat’ on Earth”

Comey, as he already amply demonstrated during the Presidential election campaign, is a total ass, but then you pretty well have to be one ever to be appointed to the post he holds.

After all, J. Edgar Hoover set the tone for the FBI for all time – a paranoid, dog-faced man who never did a thing to make America or the world a better place, who indeed used to blackmail Congressmen and Presidents with the secret files he had accumulated.

His record included many horrible acts, from trying to get refugee Albert Einstein deported to his plan to discredit and threaten Martin Luther King with the results of covert spying. His record in the Warren Commission investigation of John Kennedy’s assassination was a disgrace, his FBI having been given sole role as investigators for the Commission. His personal animus towards Kennedy was legendary.

He was notorious for letting the Mafia have a free ride after Prohibition ended while he chased non-existent communists all over America. It was said that meetings of the small American Communist Party were filled half, along with their collection plates, by his undercover agents.

There was a reason he never worked seriously against the Mafia which was able to establish itself firmly into American life.

He and his gay boyfriend (not conjecture but established fact by several biographers), Clyde Tolson, used to vacation for free at some of the Mafia’s resorts and gambled at their racetracks.

It has been reported by a prestigious investigative reporter that Hoover had been caught in compromising photos by the Mafia, and that’s why he never made serious trouble for them.

His main aim in life was to stay in control of the Agency he largely built as a monument to himself, and he did a great many discreditable things to do so.

Well, that’s quite a pair of shoes for Comey to fill. I don’t think he can, but he is trying. He bays to the same moon as the main Washington establishment does.

Washington resembles cloudcuckooland with thermonuclear weapons.

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