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John Chuckman



“Now Prince Philip is set to retire, let’s talk about getting rid of the monarchy entirely

This morning’s royal announcement should make us think about what the royal family really is: an archaic, elitist institution with those prone to xenophobic ‘gaffes’ at the top and pampered ‘woke’ aristocracy at the bottom”


I find myself surprised to agree with an article in The Independent.

The Queen did an admirable job.

No successor promises anything remotely comparable.

Charles, the rightful heir, is extremely controversial.

Prince William, who seems a decent sort, is about as interesting or inspiring as an ear of corn.

Harry belongs in an institution.

But beyond the specific players, we have the fact of the modern age.

Britain’s whole style and role of monarchy belongs to the era of buggy whips.

British monarchy is precisely the equivalent of insisting on using fancy old fountain pens and parchment paper and liveried horsemen to deliver letters instead of using computers. It has truly reached the point of silliness.

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