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John Chuckman



“Majority of Labour voters want Corbyn to quit immediately if he loses general election, poll reveals”

You just will not let up on the man, will you?

From the day he was elected you’ve attacked him, allowing short intervals of relenting so you don’t sound like a pre-recorded message being played endlessly.

Political polls, as anyone who understands a little about their production, are the easiest things in the world to play with for getting the result you want.

God, do you recall the totally ridiculous American polls you hyped in headlines before the 2016 Presidential election?

I do, and there was one after another of incompetent or crooked ones presented saying things which obviously weren’t true.

Hillary sits dejected in a corner rather than in the Oval Office, having been rejected despite phony poll after phony poll saying it would be otherwise.

Political polls today are frequently a form of fake news, fake news done and presented by the corporate press.

The role of the press is supposed to be objectively presenting what has actually transpired in the world.

But the corporate press long ago abandoned that role, if, indeed, it ever performed it.

You are full-time advocates, and advocates which use highly questionable practices and techniques.

You are not advocating, at least openly, for Theresa May, although that may well be the net real effect of your efforts, but for the Tony Blair political ghouls gathered in dark corners hoping to pounce for fresh blood to extend their existence.

Well, the one good thing we can say about this article is at least you are not back into the moral filth of hurling accusations of anti-Semitism, but I will be surprised if that McCarthyite line does not return before the election is over.

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