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John Chuckman



“Emmanuel Macron blames ‘homophobia’ and ‘misogyny’ for obsession with his older wife”

Well, now, he would, wouldn’t he?

These are favorite totemic words to be tossed about by today’s establishment and corporate press. Just as prevalent and meaningless and tiresome as “anti-Semitism.”

And if there is anything Macron is, it is establishment. France just elected a polished corporate vapidity as its president.

A very unattractive man who fits in well with the likes of Hollande or Fillon, polished, egotistical liars who offer the French people very little indeed.

And we know – from information posted on the Internet, but banned from all publication in France by the pathetic Hollande – that this man broke tax laws and plays covert games with his money.

As far as his wife goes – and I find her an attractive woman regardless of age – the source of people’s concerns is nevertheless legitimate, teachers hopping into bed with students. She is twenty years older than he is because she was the 15-year old boy’s teacher.

Is that something we really want to legitimize and paint as charming?

That is certainly what the establishment press has been doing.

Clearly, such personal behavior causes stress and grief for many witnesses, from parents to other students concerned with favoritism.


Response to another reader:

 I respect privacy, too, but it is not an absolute.

There are private matters that spill out into public concern because they involve serious ethical issues.

This is a case resembling a person shot in the abdomen whose ‘guts” spill out on the floor for all to see.

If this age difference had been part of a relationship started later in life and under different circumstances than a pupil-teacher relationship, no one would have any business being critical.

But, you see, Macron is a man with almost no political background, so he has not had to face such criticisms.

He was hurriedly selected by establishment figures as someone to stuff into a hole in the political dykes.

They were desperate, given the known crippling crookedness of other potential Le Pen opponents such as Fillon, who superficially had seemed an attractive candidate.

Macron is a corporate milquetoast who just happens to have an ugly skeleton in his closet, and, given the circumstances, I think people have every right to object.

It is not about age. It is not about misogyny. It is about elevating a pretty ugly set of circumstances into acceptable behavior.

In today’s world – with a lot of concern over sexual predators and pedophilia, the Jimmy Saviles and Rolf Harrises of this world about which there used to be silence – I do think people are not being unfair to criticize the behavior of this teacher with her young student.

Not at all.



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