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John Chuckman



“Bernie Sanders responds to Trump firing James Comey: ‘What is the administration hiding?’”


This is pathetic.

Bernie only further proves what a weak and dishonest politician he is, just typical establishment under the phony cover of a self-declared “socialist.”

No one with a fully-operating brain believes there is a shred of truth in the hysterical garbage about Russia, and even if there were, so what?

And you do not have to like Trump to say so.

Comey is a rather dark and devious character. He made Hillary furious. He serves Trump badly. No one can even guess what nonsense he is up to on the lunatic Russia business.

After all, he had that phony dossier, commissioned for big bucks by a Republican Trump opponent from an old British agent working as a glorified private detective, himself once. Did he do anything with it? Did he explain anything about it?

My only question is, why did Trump take so long?


“Interesting to note that Nixon was not brought down because of the Watergate break in, but because of the Watergate cover up. Trump may be brought down by Russian ties and the cover up.”

 You do not understand what you are talking about.

Nixon’s stupid Watergate scandal starts with an old-hand CIA man, James McCord, using the sloppiest method to secure the door with tape and catching an alert guard’s attention. A long- experienced operative like McCord could not make that kind of error except deliberately.

McCord was hired by the secretive Nixon “Plumbers” outfit, but he was almost certainly a CIA plant.

It was a set-up to dump a President the CIA did not like for several reasons, including the fact that he ran his own parallel intelligence operatives and almost certainly the fact that he never accepted the phony Warren Commission Report.

He was too smart and experienced to believe that crock of an investigation. CIA undoubtedly feared he would stumble upon stuff he wasn’t to know with his operatives out investigating in various sensitive places.

Once Nixon actually sought the undisclosed files on the Kennedy assassination, but was refused. The President refused by people supposedly serving at his pleasure!

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