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John Chuckman



The one thing we have learned from the last two years is that our politicians are simply not up to the job

Displaying contempt for voters is the very opposite of rising to the level of events ā€“ but that is what Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have done, just like their predecessors


This is just another cheap shot at Corbyn.

What the author has to say about May or Cameron is correct. They are not up to the job.

Cameron was an insipid, smug, dishonest man.

May puts on a pleasant face to do very unpleasant things.

Corbyn is an honest and thoughtful man. I don’t know whether he will be successful, but neither does this propaganda-oriented writer.

He has been attacked almost every day of his brief leadership at the behest of the very special interests piloting the Mays and Camerons of this world.

Wretched Tony Blair is the titular leader of the special interests, and barely a week goes by in which the corporate press does not promote and publicize him and his devoted acolytes.

What it really comes down to is political parties being bought-and-sold to special interests.

The basic structure of politics in Britain is corrupt and rather anti-democratic.

Just as is the case in France and overwhelmingly so in the United States.

In many ways, it is as though the entire Western history since the French Revolution has been expunged. We do not have democratic government. Cameron misruled with about 35% of the people’s support, and he promoted special interests everyday of his term of office.

Money and special interests guide the fate and policies of Britain, France, and the United States.

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