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John Chuckman



“Jeremy Corbyn: Britain has not fought just war since 1945′

Well said, M. Corbyn.

A profound truth, which I fear far too few understand.

After all, politicians generally will not admit this. And our corporate press never does anything but support the government of the day.

I only wish we had a few more leaders who had the insight and courage to speak as you have.

Good government is built on truth, just as good policies are based on science.

But we have, for the most part, not had good government, either in Britain or the United States.

We have had governments motivated by agendas not all that different than religious fanaticism.

From strident insane levels of anti-communism to strident insane levels of anti-Muslim “extremism.” It’s all the same, Captain Ahab chasing the white whale, destroying lives every step of the way.

And just as Ahab miserably failed, so has the United States. North Korea was left a wasteland with an estimated 20% of its population killed. Vietnam saw an estimated 3 million killed by bombing “heroes” like John McCain.

Cambodia, destabilized by the US, saw a million die by the results. A million died in Iraq. So far, more than a third of a million in Syria. How many in Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan?

There’s a long list of lesser places too. And where do you see healthy democracy or great human rights in all that wreckage?

The United States’ establishment has been dedicated to this immense destructive effort, and Britain, for the most part, has not had the leadership to resist their requests and demands.

What is really going on is a massive post-WWII effort by the United States to dominate in nearly every corner of the earth, and countries like Britain have gone along for the ride.

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