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John Chuckman



“Washington Post: Trump Leaked ISIS Secrets to the Russians That Are So Sensitive, We Can’t Even Talk About Them

“The gist of the newest manufactured ‘scandal’:

“As usual no evidence is offered

“White House has already denied it

“Is WaPo’s position Trump should keep ISIS’ secrets?” 


Thanks for summing up this latest Washington idiocy with some of your best amusingly-trenchant analysis.

Remember, The Washington Post is owned by the boss of Amazon, a man who is an open partisan for Hillary Clinton (all the chief American Internet-media companies support the War Party, aka, the Democrats) as well as being a willing helper in the CIA’s exploits (again, as all the other big American Internet-media companies are).

As Mark Twain said, “Nothing can withstand the assault of laughter!”

It is almost beyond comprehension how the very center of the American empire – a place literally packed with highly-educated, highly-paid, privileged people with big-sounding job titles – behaves much the same as the 1960s’ lunatic gang of the British “Carry On” movies.

Washington today regularly looks and sounds like a mob of badly-mannered children screaming and punching in the schoolyard, yelling words which make no sense and are intended only to hurt others.

And we are supposed to respect that?

Apart from every other argument of ethics, morality, and often-poor successes from insane projects, American leadership literally is unfit for the role it insists on having in the world.

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