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John Chuckman



“Donald Trump receives frosty reception in first meeting with Pope Francis at Vatican”


Two notable points on Trump’s visit to the Pope.

Both his daughter and his wife wore veils – stylish ones, but veils – for his visit to the Vatican.

Yet in visiting Saudi Arabia – the central geography in the history of Islam, containing its holiest sites – they both wore not even the most modest head-covering.

Note, too, that when Trump visited the Wailing Wall (actually, in the Palestinian section of Jerusalem), he wore a yarmulke.

The yarmulke and the veils just happen to look rather ridiculous because Trump is simply not a religious man, not in the least.

So, why the different treatment in the sites of three religions? Just the same old prejudices that are in part behind the entire set of destructive wars in the Middle East.

As to the Pope’s saying “a man who thinks about building walls and not bridges is ‘not Christian’,” well, yes, but Trump is not Christian in any event. Nothing wrong in not being Christian, but it is just a fact.

Of course, I forget the ridiculous Tony Blair, mass murderer and non-stop liar, actually does fancy himself some kind of christian, and a Catholic one at that.

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