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John Chuckman



“Manchester bombing live updates: Armed police raid city centre property in connection with arena suicide attack”


Of course, I do hope that readers have some appreciation of the fact that the United States in just one bombing run likely kills more innocent people than this.

And there have been countless bombing runs – in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, etc.

Then there are the horrors the US and Britain support in places like Yemen.

Thousands of innocents torn apart, but The Independent gives us no serious coverage or stories or photos of that horror.

No, instead, the US and Britain sell the bloody Saudis tons and tons more weapons with which to kill. Billions and billions of dollars’ worth.

None of this makes any sense to an honest person, and I believe we have every right and ethical obligation to call what the US (and sometimes Britain) does state terror, at least as horrible as this event.

We live in a very sick and twisted world, largely of American creation as it pursues absolute domination across the planet.

The ugly and unavoidable truth is that sickening events like Manchester are what intelligence agencies call “blowback,” unwanted side-effects of dirty operations. Please, in the 15 years of Neocon wars, America, with a little help from its friends, has killed something like two million people across the region (and that may well be an underestimate).

That means that scenes like this – hidden from our eyes by a corporate press that does no investigative reporting and governments which lie daily – have happened at least 100,000 times in the last 15 years.

That really puts some perspective on the Manchester event, and perspective is everything when you really want to understand what happened.

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