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John Chuckman



“Theresa May cuts a reassuring figure – but her anti-terrorism plans for the future leave a lot to be desired”


What is wrong with Theresa May’s strategy on terror?

It’s actually blindingly simple.

You cannot solve a problem if you ignore its cause.

Thinking otherwise resembles the mumbo-jumbo of medicine men or snake-oil salesmen versus the honest truths of science.

And we get a lot of mumbo-jumbo from May as we very much did from Cameron and Blair.

Corbyn has touched on the root cause, but people like May will only ignore it.

Corbyn is that rarest of things, an honest politician.

From my point of view, he understates things, but, essentially, he is right.

May and Cameron and Blair have lied non-stop on this matter because they are defending what cannot really be defended.

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Response to another reader’s comment:


You are right, but I don’t know about a Corbyn victory.

I very much hope for it, but we all know that in real life the good guy, or the honest guy, does not always win. In fact, they rarely do.

The entrenched forces behind May – the corporate press, government and business elites, and very influential lobbies – cannot be underestimated.

We’ve all seen the way they have attacked Corbyn relentlessly since he first won the leadership, attacked both directly and indirectly, both fairly and unfairly, as with all that McCarthyite filth about non-existent anti-Semitism.

It is amazing how far he has come, as I always thought him capable of doing.

Yet he fights not just an ordinary political opponent but the representative of an immensely powerful establishment.

A cunning and quite dishonest opponent, ready to use whatever tools and tricks that establishment supplies her with.

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