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John Chuckman


“Salman Abedi wasn’t a lone wolf – he was a known wolf, and the Muslim community tried to warn us about him

Our Prime Minister was Home Secretary and in charge of MI5 when they were tipped off about Abedi – do the victims’ families have a right to an explanation of why the warnings were not heard?’

Of course, you are right.

The case only proves how pointless the “war on terror” is. Indeed, that very name is more of a theatrical slogan than a meaningful policy. It has been so since the beginning.

We’ve had many such examples over the last fifteen years or so, and if you look to the general record of criminality, you see the same thing.

There is a long record of police failing to deal with child molesters.

A long record of failing to deal with serial killers.

And how about massive fraudsters whose activities continue for years?

The truth is most traditional police and military are totally inept at preventing crime, even of the worst kind.

The average force member is not a bright light, and they are trained to follow orders, not to work cleverly in investigation.

That is just a fact, not an accusation.

So, any policy relating to large, international matters which depends upon them is guaranteed to fail.

But all the noise around their presence serves both as reassurance to the public (or is thought to do so) and as a visible advertisement telling people your government is at work for you.

Armed police or troops always dumped into the streets after an event are actually a symbol of how ineffective these organizations are at preventing anything. They are always reactive, always after-the-fact, and pretty much useless.

Just look at the current situation in Chicago with black gangs killing each other at alarming rates. Do you think Chicago has no police? Police just cannot stop this kind of anarchy.

Useless unless you are prepared to create military government.

But even then, police and military fail unless they are ruthless towards everyone. There was no terror in a place like Saddam’s Iraq or the old Soviet Union. And much the same for Crusader Fortress Israel.

Of course, the genuine root cause of virtually all contemporary terror is America’s abusive rampage through the Middle East and the terrible, yet always tolerated, terrors of Israel against millions of people. The US and Israel generate millions of victims and waves of anger and despair. Immense amounts, yet politicians like May or Hollande or Cameron or Blair never speak one word to the matter.

And that very rampage and organized oppression have been happily supported by the British and French governments.

All the nasty results we see in places from Manchester to Paris were in fact results of these very policies Theresa May supports. All of them.

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