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Monthly Archives: June 2017

John Chuckman



“Sir Michael Fallon says UK backs future military action in retaliation to Assad regime using chemical weapons”


Quite simply, the statement of a liar, a two-bit version of Tony Blair.

Syria has no chemical weapons.


They were disposed of the last time this ruse was attempted by Obama, and they were disposed of under an international agreement signed by the US and Russia.

Isn’t it interesting that this comes not long after the world’s last great investigative reporter, Seymour Hersh, explained that the excuse for Trump’s missile attack on a Syrian airbase in April was totally a lie.

The supposed gas attack by Syrian forces on rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun was a fraud, and Trump’s own intelligence people told him so before he launched the missiles.

So, here we go again, American aggression in response to covert fantasies.

Never mind the principles involved in attacking a sovereign country that has not attacked or threatened you.

Never mind international law.

Never mind the serious risk of conflict with Russia, a country in Syria at the invitation of the government, its ally.

This is all about one thing: America’s deep government recognizes that its filthy, costly mercenary-terror war in Syria has failed, but it is not going to accept an outcome which allows Syria’s legitimate, and widely-supported, government to continue.

It knows, in its infinite arrogance, better than Syria’s own people how they should be ruled.

Why is that?

Very simply, this whole Syrian horror for years has represented nothing more than Israel’s demand to see Syria dismembered. It wants to keep its stolen Syrian property on the Golan Heights, property the world does not recognize as Israel’s, and it wants an independent-minded leader in the region, Assad, eliminated. It also wants to run a gas pipeline to Europe through someone else’s country, Syria, in order to sell gas stolen from Syria and Gaza.

And, of course, America’s bought-and-paid-for political establishment is ready to deliver what Israel wants, three bags full.

This is the kind of world in which we live, a world where two aggressive and powerful countries, one effectively the colony of the other and both always blubbering about democracy and ethics as they attack, steal, and pillage.

This is nothing less than fascism and aggressive war waged under a set of advertising slogans, but our corporate press, doggedly loyal to the power establishment, will never say so.


John Chuckman



“If Russia-US Tensions in Syria Intensify the Biggest Losers Will Be the Kurds


It wouldn’t be the first time the US has exploited the Kurds, only to abandon them later.

Henry Kissinger secretly incited the Kurds of Iraq to revolt against Saddam.

They did. He slaughtered them. The US abandoned them.

No one should ever trust the US in such tricky matters. It is totally given over to exploiting people for its own dark purposes.

By the way, we have another example of this American behavior in Syria and Iraq with ISIS.

After long secretly exploiting ISIS for its purposes of removing the previous President of Iraq and attempting to remove Syria’s current one, the US ran into public backlash against its hired scum’s brutality, and, at least in limited instances, it appears to be helping kill them off.

John Chuckman



“While no one can be pleased to see Bashar al-Assad remain in power…”


That is quite an ignorant statement.

It sounds like one of Netanyahu’s house servants, John Kerry or Nikki Haley, talking. It certainly reflects the thinking of the West’s worst war criminal, abuser of millions, and outright thief, Netanyahu himself.

Perhaps it just shows the overwhelming influence of America’s corporate press in molding opinions based on nothing, even in alternative publications.

Lots of people in this world view Assad as a pretty decent leader in his part of the world.

Certainly, the Syrian people do. Assad maintains higher support numbers than Trump.

Minorities like Syrian Christians are overwhelmingly in his corner. Why? Because he protects them against abuse and maintains their freedom of religion.

Most of the important clan heads also support Assad.

As do, by the way, the armed forces. They have remained loyal through five years of American-Israeli induced hell.

Assad provides peace, stability, and religious freedom – that’s actually more than some in Israel receive.

And it is the Syrian people who matter here – not this silly author, not the criminal Netanyahu, not the CIA, but the people of Syria.

John Chuckman



“Bill O’Reilly puts Megyn Kelly to shame in epic assault on former Fox host

over her interview with right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones”


Well, all three of these are pretty hateful people, so one of them calling another names is simply asinine, and calling what any of them says “epic” is more asinine still.

Bill O’Reilly is an intellectual pornographer, someone who only in America could pass for a thoughtful commentator. Vicious, prejudiced, and biased beyond telling – his job is to titillate while propagandizing, not inform.

Megyn Kelly is an American corporate press original, a life-size Barbie Doll with attitude and inflated journalistic pretensions, delivering pretty much the same old corporate blather in a fancy new wrapper.

And Alex Jones is a secular tent preacher, weeping and wailing and thumping his Bible for Jesus. He even does a Lindsey Graham imitation when the word “Israel” is mentioned.

But, in the end, no matter what kind of circus performers they all are, one has every right to interview another on air.

Or clearly should have, but in contemporary America every word which falls from anyone’s lips on air is twisted into something political and not judged simply as informative or uninformative.

John Chuckman



“Why College Degrees Are Becoming Useless”


It just ain’t so.

Some college degrees are useless for sure, but not degrees in general.

The useless ones, for the most part, are obvious, such as most BAs in English or journalism or history or education. They are useless simply because there are ten of them for every possible job, and the institutions use virtually no discretion in continuing to admit people to such programs.

Then there is that whole class of “created” subjects for which there is virtually no job market: women’s studies, black studies, aboriginal studies, film studies, etc. Perhaps, the first people “out of the gate” got jobs as some other institutions started up or experimented with such programs, but after that it is pretty much a dead end.

There is an old bit of economic analysis in education that is often forgotten. Education has both an investment component and a consumption component. Some courses and degrees are serious investments for the future (in what economists call human capital) while others are consumption, much the same as a watching a television show or reading a mystery. Perhaps enjoyable, but bringing no future returns.

American education has created an entire industry in manufacturing degrees to please young people’s egos and to fill their own coffers. The consumption component of education has been given a major role.

Grade inflation in public schools, vague parental dreams and expectations, over-generalized talk about the value of an education, truly second- and third-rate institutions created by state and local governments as political measures, and a kind of artificial democratization of the whole idea of higher education – these all contribute to the situation.

Hard-nosed academic studies have never been democratic. They are, if you will, just naturally the domain of the more able, although even our highest-quality institutions have always admitted and graduated some who do not belong,

George Bush being a perfect example. Such people are called “legacy” admissions because the whole cynical intention of admitting them is to earn the institution a nice pot of money in gratitude from a rich family. Of course, once you admit a George Bush, you must graduate him regardless of what he does. Ditto for the Royals in Britain at places like Cambridge.

Of course, the American tradition of sports being used as a financing tool by colleges is very corrupting to education. Young men with sports talent are given free places regardless of their academic ability because their contribution to the team will bring in alumni donations.

But that is a totally cynical practice. These young men should be paid money for their effort, not given admission. It is the pathetic “Hoop Dreams” phenomenon.The American military, too, plays a role with its education benefit there to entice a flow of recruits, who, in many, or even most, cases are not truly college or university material. It is a kind of force-feeding of colleges in order to fill uniforms.

Higher education today has a great deal of cynicism and corruption built into it, but it remains the responsibility of each potential student to exercise the old caution, “Buyer beware.”

Failure to do so yields a lot of debt, little or no prospects you could not have had otherwise, and a sense of frustration.


 Response to another reader’s comment:

Some good points.

Trades for now remain good opportunities.

Yes, the trades are going to fade – some far quicker than others – but then so are many of the professions and higher-end careers.

Every career from financial advisor to engineer and even to doctor and lawyer is slowly on its way out with AI.

John Chuckman



Sending more troops to Afghanistan isn’t the answer


Sending any troops to Afghanistan has never been an answer to anything. It is vicious lunacy at best.

The original invasion was a brainless response to something the country had nothing to do with.

Yes, as devout Muslims, the then-government of the country, the Taliban, had permitted bin Laden to reside there.

But when the US high-handedly demanded his extradition without providing a shred of evidence against him – quite simply, the normal procedure in all international extraditions – the Taliban refused, making it clear that they would extradite if provided evidence.

Well, the US never provided any evidence. And you know what? It has never provided any evidence to Americans either of bin Laden’s responsibility for 9/11. None. All we have is the corporate press making the same assertions that it made all those years ago without any real evidence.

So they invaded, and in truth achieved nothing.

American troops have behaved brutally there for years, creating many atrocities.

Their early approach involved going from village to village, using stun grenades, knocking down people’s doors, holding whole families at gunpoint, and taking away the men almost the way Stalin’s secret police did in the USSR. Can you imagine the fears and bad feelings this generated in an old-fashioned rural society?

That horrible behavior was compounded by a whole series of slaughters in villages as trigger-happy, nervous American kids who didn’t understand the language or the customs and who hated the heat and dust they were consigned to, kids with big guns decided they did not like something and simply blasted away. It happened dozens of times. The same for air attacks on some perfectly innocent villages by trigger-happy American pilots.

When you treat people horribly, you make enemies.

Another “benefit” of America’s shabby invasion was to release poor Afghanistan farmers from the strict prohibition the Taliban had imposed on growing poppies. Before long a flood of opium-based drugs was back on international markets. Prices fell, consumption increased, and local American street-gang violence grew. Truly wonderful result, don’t you think?

The Taliban is not and never has been a terrorist organization as it is widely misunderstood in the US.

It is simply one of the basic divisions of that society, as it were, Catholics versus Protestants. It is extremely old-fashioned and fundamentalist and unenlightened, but then so are a small host of clans or religious groups of every description in the world in many lands. You don’t invade people for that.

It is impossible to make them go away, unless of course you are prepared to slaughter people en masse.

The Northern Alliance – representing another basic tribal division in the society, it was an alliance formed long ago within the country to vie for power with the Taliban – that the US allied itself with in the original invasion, has always itself been an unattractive grouping too. It had some genuine monsters in it, including mass-murderer, General Dostum.

It never was the good guys versus the bad guys, a false idea that America’s government promoted. It always resembled a gigantic national feud between the Hatfields and McCoys in West Virginia and had nothing to do with issues Americans care about.

The Pentagon and CIA always like to promote simplistic explanations, providing sound-bite summaries for the nightly corporate news broadcasts, stuff for the soccer moms and others back home to accept readily.

In this case, it was the repression of women, something that in fact goes on still in Afghanistan as it does in every poor, rural place on earth, including Mexico, Brazil, India, Kuwait, Bangladesh, Indonesia, the Philippines, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Turkey, and scores of other places.

No, the reality of the great swirling mass of humanity in no way resembles, or relates to, life in Celebration, Florida, or in Ozzie and Harriet’s fantasy suburb of the 1950s. The very essence of propaganda is to fix on a truth and treat it as though it were only a truth for the place you are discussing.

America’s phony efforts even on that front achieved nothing – the Burka is still worn widely and little girls are still not educated and people remain dirt-poor – but, while all the bloody stuff was going on, talk about it put America on the side of the angels in the eyes of the uninformed. The many, many killings of women and children by Americans received little press.

But the US didn’t care, just so that it could defeat the Taliban without sending in vast numbers of its own troops. Using air power with massive bombing above with local forces doing most of the fighting below, followed by a limited number of Americans to occupy, to torture, and to terrorize into submission

This is a poor, backward country, and its customs and social structures do not resemble Celebration, Florida, and they will not do so for centuries.

To expect that bombing and occupation would alter that is the very essence of arrogance and the blind brutality we see from America’s establishment today, working away in a half-dozen places to achieve nothing beyond death and dominance. It is a one-way trip to nowhere.

Afghanistan’s people pretty much mind their business, so why on earth the US thinks it must dominate and decide who governs is beyond me, and it is beyond reason.

It’s just part of a rather sick tendency we see in America’s Deep State, the need to control everyone.



John Chuckman



“Brexit will make Britain worse off, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney confirms”


Seems very unusual to hear such a direct, politically-touchy statement from a central bank head.

Of course, he is right, but in a narrow sense.

Brexit has social and political implications, not just economic.

In a way, what many said by their vote was that they were willing to pay a certain economic cost in exchange for non-monetary changes they favor.

Economic arrangements, especially in international trade of every kind, always involve such trade-offs, and, for that reason, you cannot say simply that a change of course is wrong because it comes with an economic cost.

John Chuckman



“New Book About the Deep State Plot to Demonize Russia

With a strong endorsement from Oliver Stone The Plot to Scapegoat Russia”


I am always glad for new sources which confirm old beliefs, but, I must say, there is little in this review that is new to informed and critically-minded observers.

Concepts such as “humanitarian intervention” are, and have long been, of the same nature as the White Helmets in Syria, totally phony.

The US never intervenes militarily where genuine humanitarian catastrophes occur. It did not intervene in Rwanda while it understood perfectly what was happening at a very early stage. It did not in Cambodia. It did not in Indonesia.

Indeed, in the slaughters of Indonesia, after the fall of Sukarno, the State Department was on the phone submitting lists of “communists” to the new government who were best added to the hundreds of thousands getting their throats cut and having their bodies thrown into rivers.

The US militarily intervenes only where it has a geo-political goal or interest.

As far as phony front outfits like America’s Democracy Now! there are many of them in the US.

Despite formal rules against being involved in local affairs, the CIA has long used the method of such media to “get out its messages.” In the 1960s, good magazines like Saturday Review were secretly supported by CIA.

What do formal rules mean to an organization where it is accepted that lying under oath is just fine? CIA Director Helms himself established that fact for us back in the 1960s.

The Internet has many seemingly liberal or independent sites which I believe are in fact CIA zombies. In some cases, they may know it. In other cases, they may not. The CIA works both ways, just as it has paid its own employees and paid outside assets, the assets not always being aware of where their money comes from.

You can take a good guess at such sites just by the nature of the material they favor, the way they treat things, and the rules they establish.

Mother Jones magazine seems certainly one of these. Daily Kos is another. Pacific News Network is yet another. Vanity Fair belongs on the list I believe.

The American book publishing industry is filled with the same effort. Some publishing houses go along to get along, some are unwitting tools, and some are themselves just covert operations.

Remember, publishing in a country like the United States is today a very difficult business, fraught with risk. How nice to have a source of funds, whether understood or not, streaming in to steady your business.

In return, as a publisher, you still get to do some of what you always wanted to do, but perhaps not all of it, but there are a few things, here and there, that you must do or you will lose your important covert sponsor.

There has been an entire industry in advocacy books about such crucial matters as the Kennedy Assassination, the downing of TWA Flight 800, and 9/11. The manipulative nature of a good many of the books is apparent. This CIA effort, by the way, plays the game from both sides.

Books trying to reestablish the authority of the pathetic Warren Report by one route or another – authors like Gerald Posner, Priscilla Johnson, Vincent Bugliosi, Edward Epstein – clearly have CIA influence embedded one way or another into their books on the Kennedy Assassination, directly or indirectly. You cannot read their books without sensing it at many little points, as in what things are emphasized and what things are glossed over or as in over-hyped claims about the limited evidence we have.

The Agency also takes another route of attack. It actually arranges to have books attacking the Warren Commission published, but ones which are so poorly researched or written that they effectively discredit genuine critics by “the company they keep.”

It was a publicist at the Agency, decades ago, who came up with the derogatory term, “conspiracy theorist” to be used against genuine critics, and the term remains in wide use today.

America’s corporate press, always doggedly loyal to Deep State interests, keeps the term alive by regular use in articles and editorials still. Its longevity is proof of how effective such media manipulation can be.

American society is deeply penetrated by the CIA and its sister agencies, and it has been since long before the Snowden revelations about the NSA snooping on everyone.

The truth is that it was a terrible mistake to create something like CIA, and the very President who signed the legislation, Harry Truman, said so.

You simply cannot create a huge, well-financed agency whose accountability is close to non-existent, charge it with the execution of countless dirty tricks and manipulations abroad, allow its members to lie under oath, and keep financing its cancerous growth, without creating a monster, a monster which attacks decency in your society, destroys ethical considerations in your international dealings, and a monster which erodes the foundations of democratic government.

As far as what it has been done to Trump with phony Russia charges and a phony dossier, well, in the past we’ve had everything from an actual CIA President (certainly George Bush Pere whom we know from old documents was in the Agency in the 1960s, and now, I think quite likely, Obama, who has doggedly served their interests and maintains a kind of Washington fortress-office for coordinating the work on Trump) to Presidents being manipulated by CIA stunts (Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon come to mind) to Kennedy, their one really tough opponent, who of course ended with his brain splattered across the streets of Dallas.

John Chuckman



‘We’re Up for Several More Years of Increased Jihadi Terror in Europe’


The phrase “lone wolf” is one of the phoniest terms in use at present. It is, quite simply, a propaganda term.

It is intended to instill fear and to suggest penetration into a society of dark and sinister forces, allowing governments in turn to take extraordinary measures in surveillance and control of things like the Internet.

What we indeed have in places like London is young men desperately trying to get some kind of vengeance for what Britain has helped do to some Arabic countries, but the total of such incidents remains extremely small and warrants no extraordinary measures.

We all know that young men, even without a deep grievance, can sometimes be troublesome and violent.

In America, for example, we see case after case of young men attacking groups and people. The incidents are common, but they are not, and quite rightly so, labeled as terror.

Here is a list of recent multiple killings in the U.S., going back only two years. The list is only a tiny portion of total murders or total homicides in America:


San Francisco UPS shooting with 3 killed and 2 injured

Pennsylvania supermarket shooting and killing of 3

Orlando Florida shooting and killing of 5

Ohio nursing home shooting and killing of 3

Fresno downtown shooting and killing of 3

Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting with 5 killed and 6 injured

Burlington Washington mall shooting and killing of 5

Baton Rouge police shooting with 3 killed and 2 injured

Dallas police shooting with 5 killed and 11 injured

Orlando Florida nightclub shooting with 49 killed and 53 injured

Kansas Excel Industry shooting with 3 killed and 14 injured

Kalamazoo Michigan shooting and killing 6

San Bernardino shooting with 14 killed and 21 injured

Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting with 3 killed and 9 injured

Roseburg Oregon Community College shooting with 9 killed and 9 injured

Chattanooga military recruitment shooting with 5 killed and 2 injured

Charleston Church shooting with 9 killed and 1 injured

Menasha Wisconsin Bridge shooting with 3 killed and 1 injured


Here are a few additional interesting statistics on American day-in, day-out violence:

In just one city, the city of Chicago during 2016, 717 were shot and killed, 3662 were shot and wounded, total homicides, including without guns, were 803. Many large American cities have comparable violence.

The Guardian newspaper in Britain tracked killings by police in the U.S. for a year, such killings being very under-reported in American national crime stats: 1,146 were killed by their own police in just one year, 2015. That number compares to 55 killed in total by British police over a period of 24 years.

In another kind of under-reported death, The Huffington Post gathered statistics of more than 800 people who died in jails and police lockups in the year 2015-16.

For 2015, 38,300 people were killed on American highways. Of course, the overwhelming majority of such deaths is completely avoidable, but we do not see authorities taking measures in law to any serious extent to improve the rules and their enforcement.

Only in the area of “terror” do we see a relatively small number of deaths bringing demands for measures resembling a police state.

I think in all serious matters, where the press screams and where new demands are made by government, it is extremely important for people to have some perspective.

Death from genuine terror remains, despite all the noise, something about as common as slipping on a banana peel and dying.


John Chuckman



Oliver Stone: ‘Israel Meddled Far More in US Election Than Russia’


This isn’t even an opinion.

It is a plain, hard fact.

But it is America’s own politicians who inflict this on their country.

America’s elections are about money, private money, and the politicians have always refused to change the reality.

The American Supreme Court even confirmed it further with a ruling that “Money is free speech.” It reminds one of many previous, laughable decisions by that august body of political appointees who count angels on the head of a pin. I think especially of the contemptible Dred Scott decision just before the American Civil War.

Well, the Israel Lobby is simply the best organized and financed in using the terrible rules set by America’s own government.

Every Congressman is afraid to oppose the Israel Lobby’s demands. They are fearful that the campaign money and good press that could be theirs will go to an opponent instead.

They are also fearful of being labeled as anti-Semitic, a favorite cheap trick of the Israel Lobby, used regularly against people who are simply honest opponents of a dishonest government.

Moreover, Israel practically trains American legislators from the start, and it is freely allowed to do so. Every freshman Congressman following an election is offered a free trip to Israel for a combination of holiday and indoctrination. Woe betide the freshman who turns the trip down.

The intimate access Israel has, owing to its efforts and those of its Lobby, to high figures in the US is unlike anything any other nation enjoys, including far larger and more important ones. It is an embarrassing and shameful situation for a great country to find itself in.

There are many other connections and avenues of influence, secret and otherwise, including the intimate liaison permitted to many Israeli agencies, such as the military and intelligence, with American counterparts. This goes beyond the cooperation extended to many allies and into something more resembling a constant espionage and internal-influence exercise.

In a few strategic cases, Israel seems to have compromised key American government figures, too. The case of Lindsey Graham is notable.

Graham is known to be a closet gay, a fact which does not go down well in the conservative part of the country he represents.

There is no other reasonable explanation for this man’s almost insane and continuous looking-out for the interests of Israel. It’s almost as though he were an Ambassador from that country.

It seems very likely Mossad caught him once in a “honey trap” and got compromising photos.

John Chuckman



“CNN Should Publicly Admit Error in ‘Symbol of Aleppo Suffering’ Story – Moscow”


If CNN had to apologize for all of its truly lousy reporting, that’s all it would be doing.

The network, of course, has long functioned as an outlet for CIA or Pentagon or State Department propaganda. People who are “literate” in public affairs and unbiased observers recognize the fact instantaneously.

But what many people, who perhaps do not pay close attention, do not realize is that CNN’s standards in its regular news reportage have always been low to non-existent.

They not only do not check stories, they fill airtime with ridiculous stuff that is an insult to journalism and even intelligence.

My favorite example – from years ago, since I stopped being able to even watch the silly network – was during the Atlanta Olympic bombing of 1996.

As readers may know, the idiots at the FBI suspected a completely innocent man, a man who actually proved something of a minor hero, Richard Jewell, a security guard, of being responsible. (It, in fact, later proved to have been the work of an anti-abortion “Christian” fundamentalist terrorist, the kind of native terror that became quite common at that time in the United States).

CNN spent hours on this mindless story, for which there was not a shred of evidence, reporting every rumor or suspicion and a lot of complete nonsense.

I recall one of CNN’s “reporters” trying to ambush Mr. Jewell for an interview once, standing outside his home, complete with cameraman and sound equipment, until Jewell left for work.

Mr. Jewell, when he appeared, quite appropriately, just walked to his car without a word to the reporter trying to jam a microphone into his face, and proceeded calmly to drive away.

The CNN idea of journalism was just to have the camera focus on his car until it disappeared. Then the embarrassed reporter made some gestures and mumbled some rubbish into his microphone.

That was CNN’s idea of journalism, and indeed it was the kind of stuff they have repeated countless times. The operating principle of CNN is simply to fill airtime so that it can sell advertising. No serious effort is made to ascertain the legitimacy of pertinence of what they fill the airtime with.

The fact is, sadly, that there are millions of people who will just watch a television screen for a time with “stuff going on” – almost like young kids watching cheap cartoons on Saturday mornings – and CNN has become a large corporation based upon that founding assumption.

Readers may enjoy:

NOTE TO READERS: The CNN story on the pitiful-looking, dusty-faced Aleppo boy in a van has now been proved a completely staged event. The boy has been found alive and well with family. The van incident, intended as a propaganda effort aimed against Russia for helping destroy America’s terrorists controlling Aleppo, Syria, was staged by the White Helmets, the same phony NGO outfit that staged and filmed a poison gas attack just before Trump hurled a fleet of cruise missiles at Syrian forces who had nothing to do with it. The work of the White Helmets is a very good symbol for the kind of war America fights in Syria. A war by paid mercenary thugs who pretend to be what they are not. The White Helmets are a branch of one of these gangs of thugs and regularly receive substantial sums to stage video images which are promptly shown on by outfits like CNN.


John Chuckman



“US ‘Consistently and Excessively’ Secret About Drones: 80% of Strikes Unreported”


Whether secret or not, the entire program is a disgrace.

This is industrial-scale extrajudicial killing, no different in any respect to the work of the old Argentine Junta who used to make people “disappear.”

And Trump has added even more shame to the hellish scheme by telling the psychopaths at the CIA they can freely choose whom to kill without consulting him.

Knowing this, one can only reflect with despair on idiot Nikki Haley’s abuse of Abraham Lincoln’s words, “last best hope on earth” in describing today’s America at the UN.

It is all an unbelievable nightmare, and it shows how low the principles of America’s elites have sunk.

It should serve as a warning to us all of what a dangerous thing America has become.

It recognizes no laws outside of its own, dishonors many treaties, bullies everyone and every organization with whom it has contact, overthrows governments it dislikes including democratic ones, supports dictators and absolute monarchs and unprincipled thieves, hires mercenary thugs to terrorize countries as in Syria, high-handedly declares who is fit to govern and who is not in many lands, and freely kills whomever it chooses.

In short, America’s elites do virtually everything that the words of America’s founding documents say is wrong and virtually everything that individual Americans would not tolerate being done to them.

It is hard to see how it can sink any lower in ethics, morals, or principles, except by increasing even further the amount of its killing and mayhem – a distinct possibility I should think.

It is only in the pretended adherence to empty words and phrases plus in the numbers of abused and killed that today’s United States can be distinguished by an impartial observer from fascist governments of the 1930s, but perhaps that will even change.

John Chuckman



Pentagon Agrees To Sell $12 Billion In F-15s To Qatar


Honest to God, it just does not come more confused than this with Qatar. First, they are supporting terror, and, shortly after, they are being sold a new arsenal.

Trump is making a mess out of everything he touches. He has the Midas touch in reverse.

I wish it weren’t so, but it is.

At some point, now, I believe he should resign. He has been reduced to looking clownish in all his efforts in foreign affairs, arms flapping in all directions and saying utterly foolish things. He has settled nothing anywhere.

And I say that as one of those who had hoped that this seeming maverick might have been able to do some good in a world that has suffered 15 years of Neocon War insanity. Two million killed, at least, by the US. But Trump only adds threats to Iran, bombing to Syria, troops to Afghanistan, creates a mess in Qatar, and sells terrible new weapons to the Saudi thugs with which to kill.

It must be clear to many that he is incapable, that he does not possess the strength and independence of mind some believed he had, that he has completely given in to the Deep State when it attacked him.

The CIA now decides whom it will kill thanks to Trump, and we only just learned that the Pentagon has been given authority to put whatever troop level it chooses into Afghanistan, Afghanistan being a war that should never have been started.

That invasion was a pointless act of vengeance against a government that was absolutely not responsible for 9/11. All it has achieved is to flood the world with cheap hard drugs. That’s why black gangs in Chicago and other cities are killing each other in the hundreds.

Talk about terror! This is completely self-inflicted.

Trump’s dark Pentagon appointment is mumbling about not winning in Afghanistan, but from the beginning, the intelligent question that has always applied to the invasion and has never been answered is, “Win what?”

So, Trump tells the Pentagon it can decide how many more troops to send. Brilliant!

Trump now resembles Obama on steroids, only with a great many scary and clownish words and acts added.

John Chuckman



US ‘created Isis’ and its war on the terrorists is ‘a lie’, says Iran’s Supreme Leader


Sorry, but the leader of Iran is not alone in saying this.

Many informed and thoughtful people understand this truth.

Russia’s leaders certainly do.

The President of Syria certainly does.

Many independent journalists – for example, Sy Hersh – have touched on this.

Various references in leaked State Department documents support this, including a reference by that good old people-loving humanist, Hillary Clinton, about “needing to bring down Syria for Israel.”

It is just a fact that you may easily find photos of John McCain – that well-connected establishment death-dealer and meddler into foreign affairs – with ISIS’s mysterious leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

And, of course, the pattern has historical precedents. The US helped create the bin Laden and his movement for meddling in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

The US dumped all kinds of mercenary “terrorists” into Libya to bring it down into its present chaos.

And, of course, it did the same to the people of Syria.

Putin, in his first Oliver Stone interview, just told us that the US was supporting terrorists in Chechnya, of course with the intention of hurting Russia.

John Chuckman



“It’s time to dispel the myth that another Labour leader could have done better than Jeremy Corbyn”


About as obvious as saying the sun will rise tomorrow.

This begs a serious question about the months-long campaign against Corbyn – a campaign inspired by Tony “the ripper” Blair and joined in by The Independent, The Guardian, and many others, including unfair members of Britain’s Israel Lobby.

The man was literally hammered with various accusations from one week to the next.

The fact that he showed them all his splendid ability is very gratifying.

This is a genuinely decent and intelligent man. That should never have been doubted, but it very much was, and in a seriously-organized fashion.

John Chuckman



“Comey Shows Americans That Law Does Not Apply To The Elite”


Honestly, in what country has the writer been living?

You cannot observe American society for any time at all without taking this as a truth, as a building block for what we see.

You see, it has always been so where great wealth or inordinate influence exist, and America has done nothing but follow the historical pattern.

Extremely wealthy and influential people in America today are just about as insulated from the law as the great dukes of France were in, say, 1750.

For example, just look at the actual life of George Bush Jr and reflect upon the fact that, despite a record from hell, including breaking a number of laws that would send others to jail, he was made president.

A few old parchment documents with high-sounding phrases, ignored countless times in America’s history, are no defense against this reality for all human societies.

If a society wants it to be otherwise, it must constantly strive to make it so.

And America has done anything but.

Privilege reigns supreme there, everywhere.

John Chuckman




“The secret to Corbyn’s success was rejecting PC culture as much as he rejected rabble-rousing populism”


“PC culture” is a vapid term.

It explains nothing, being as empty as the phenomenon it tries naming.

Corbyn simply was honest, something almost none of our politicians are.

He was brave, having faced down an ugly mob of shouters and accusers.

And he is seen as decent, very much not the case for the nasty woman now trying to save her job by an alliance with a party from hell.

Or as is very much not the case with his main attacker from within the Labour Party, mass killer Tony  Blair.

John Chuckman



“Ireland’s prime minister warns Theresa May over deal with DUP”


Serious stuff, indeed, Mr. Prime Minister.

And knowing what Ian Paisley, founder of the party, represented in his day, I cannot help but share your fears.

He was a man filled to the top with hate.

What do the words of the Irish Prime Minister really tell us?

That Theresa May is a dangerous political incompetent, as bad or worse than David Cameron, for even trying to do this as a means of recovering from the results of her earlier big blunder, calling a snap election.

Funny, I hear echoes of her “reassurances” some time back as she tried to distinguish her position from Jeremy Corbyn’s on the use of nuclear weapons, something about her readiness to press the button sending a Trident missile to incinerate a 100,000 people if need be.

Very reassuring indeed in light of her blunder after blunder.

It truly is time to get rid of this terrible politician.

John Chuckman



“Hillary STILL HAS SECURITY CLEARANCE One Year After FBI Concluded She Was Reckless With Secrets”


Security and secrecy and clearances are effectively a big game and an information resource for America’s privileged people.

They have remarkably little to do with genuine security or national interests, a fact which is implicit in the way they are so often used and in the immense overuse of classification.

Their main function is to hide what is happening from the country’s citizens, and that very much includes the many embarrassing blunders and criminal acts of senior government officials and agencies.

Those making the blunders are given access to the record to inform and protect themselves from difficulties which arise afterwards, to prepare legal responses, to prepare talking points, etc. The only time they are shut off from access is when a big turnaround in politics makes it expedient to do so.

The clearances are a bit like keys to a private club, distributed according to status and need-to-know for their various functionaries.

And does anyone doubt that Hillary remains a member of America’s High Brahmin Caste?

The same caste to which Trump belongs.

John Chuckman



“Britain’s Real Terror Apologist”

Good summary piece.

In discussing the press attacks on Corbyn about being a “terrorist sympathizer,” the author neglects an even more insidious, unethical set of attacks – those against non-existent anti-Semitism.

These latter attacks went on for months, starting not long after he was first chosen as leader.

The barrage included innuendo or suggestions or outright charges from Tony Blair, The Guardian (which sunk especially low on the subject), The Independent, and someone even dragged in the leader of Israel’s Labour Party who wrote a self-serving, dishonest, nasty public letter to Corbyn, much featured in the press.

It was a virtual repeat of the performance of old drunken American Senator, Joe McCarthy, in the 1950s, standing in front of cameras, holding a fistful of papers he never showed anyone, bellowing about how they contained the names of a couple of hundred “communists” in the State Department. At that time, you almost could not come up with a more inflammatory accusation than calling someone communist.

The ethics in the effort against Corbyn were exactly the same as those of McCarthy – who was in fact a hopeless drunk trying to fire up a failing political career when he first hit upon his paranoid, dangerous, and immoral game of innuendo and name-calling.

He, too, only succeeded for a while because other people in power were able to use him for their own dark purposes – especially that sicko, J. Edgar Hoover, notorious and utterly ruthless Director of the FBI.

The attacks on Corbyn morphed and changed to take several different shapes, but they continued for months. He was forced to have another leadership contest in the Party – owing to the filthy influence of Tony Blair and his acolytes – again with the press, especially The Guardian, giving great exposure to those running against him, especially Owen Smith, a man who never stopped talking while saying almost nothing.

But Corbyn won again, and it was a great victory for this decent man. The press and opponent politicians shut-up for a while but ended up starting new attacks, such as he “just could not win.” There were considerable human and financial resources put into these efforts. Tony Blair’s ugly blood-stained face appeared periodically in a press still loyal to him, and it was very satisfying in the end to see that smug murderer and profiteer ignored.

In politics in the Western World, good guys rarely win, and that is because, in all cases from Parliaments to Congress, we have election machinery – everything from rules, voting procedures, and gerrymandering – bent against the emergence of leaders who really do represent the country’s people or who oppose special interests or foreign influence such as that of the United States upon national politics.

This bent political machinery is reinforced by the corrosive influence of money in politics, especially in the United States where it is totally dominant, but also in Britain and certainly in France, which sometimes appears as corrupt as the United States in its politics.

Through all these means, the establishment and special interests do keep a firm hand on the tiller of so-called democratic politics. Many ordinary people are quite unaware of how limited the reality of their democracy is. David Cameron, for example ruled a country and made big decisions, including life-and-death ones abroad, based on the support of about 35% of the people. Some democracy.

But sometimes circumstances conspire so that the good guys win, do manage to cut through all the barriers and limits, and this British election was one of those times.

Jeremy Corbyn is simply the most decent man leading a major party in Europe today, and I think the people perceived that as he worked tirelessly on the hustings, despite all the previous attacks. In similar fashion, many saw Theresa May for what she is, a rather ineffectual person and a rather nasty one, much resembling David Cameron in drag.

A couple more leaders of Corbyn’s caliber, and Europe could emerge as the great, independent force in the world that it has the capacity to be, rather than something resembling a perpetually-kowtowing house servant of America’s ugly imperial policies. Were that new reality to emerge, I and many others would definitely support the EU rather than efforts like Brexit.


John Chuckman



“I don’t think Israel is worth one American life or one American dollar.” -ex-CIA Michael Scheuer IWB


And neither likely do most Americans.

But do they have any choice?

The policies are pushed down their throats by their own politicians.

America’s elected government simply does not reflect the views of the majority on a great many matters, especially on matters of war and peace and justice.

And, now, look at Trump actually serving those special interests even more ferociously than Obama did.

Everything from his weapons sale to Saudi Arabia (a covert ally of Israel’s and fighting wars Israel wants), his new threats against Iran which does nothing to us, his topping-up Israel huge annual welfare subsidy, his continued needless violence in Syria (which is an Israel-motivated project), the treatment of Qatar, the insane speeches of Nikki Haley in the UN, and on and on.

The people have no say in these matters, and their representatives – the powerful ones in the Senate, the legislative body with real power – are literally all bought-and-paid-for.

Elections mean nothing, and America’s population is treated as a herd.

John Chuckman



“Jeremy Corbyn is a right-wing Red Tory who offers no alternative to the Government”


And, John Rentoul, if anyone really wants a political columnist with something to say, he or she will have to read someone else.

Truly, this man dreams up words to fill space.

I won’t, but I easily could, write an essay about how naive and lacking in political understanding this piece is.

I’ll only say this. In real politics, most voters do not vote for programs or platforms. To think that they do is so outdated, it is Victorian. It is actually childish.

Any modern election is about whom you can trust with the nation’s future, at least in the short term.

In American elections, they spend so much money – Hillary spent about $ 1,200,000,000 – that all sense of a candidate is fogged over with pre-packaged imagery and stage sets and fake claims and idiotic sound bites – all making it very hard to even know the people.

America has been said to have the best government money can buy, and that is completely accurate.

At least in Britain, it still means something to be out on the hustings.

I’m sure people can sense Corbyn is about as decent and honest as national politicians go. Not perfect. Not telling us his every thought. But decent.

I’m equally sure, people can see May is a female re-tread of David Cameron with a touch of the psychopathic Blair thrown in.

John Chuckman



“Operation Temperer – U.K. Will Likely Institute Martial Law Measures Within A Year”


This is all quite depressing, of course.

But many Americans lose sight of the essential truth in these matters, and when you do that your analysis becomes inaccurate and your politics become empty.

I discount the commonly-cited notion of “globalists.” Although certainly there are people who fit that term, they are most certainly not the people creating the serious problems we see in the world. To my mind, that idea as an explanation for events borders on fantasy, and it indeed effectively assists those truly responsible.

What I very much do believe is that since 9/11 (and we will likely never know whether that event in itself was a kind of “FDR and Pearl Harbor” set-up intended to get things kicked off), the US has been on a violent rampage to re-shape part of the world’s geography.

All these “terror incidents” are blowback from that rampage, all of them, and I’m sure even leaders such as Theresa May know that, but they will not say so because they have fully embraced, under duress or otherwise, America’s cause in its rampage.

The same rampage is the source of all of the refugee problems plaguing Europe and making Americans fearful. It is a self-inflicted wound, and one, by the way, for which America in the most cowardly fashion takes no responsibility, always pretending to be a victim of something horrible “out there” called Islamic extremism, a vague expression which explains nothing but does give people a name to clutch.

After all, the history of Christianity is likely the bloodiest in all of human history (everything from the Crusades and Holy Inquisition to vast religious wars and massacres and world wars and the Holocaust to the gifts of Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini – each of those gentlemen in fact raised as Christians). The Hebrew scriptures are about little else but bloodshed and hatreds, and contemporary, re-created Israel sits on other peoples’ land, people who are held without rights or recourse of any kind. So, calling Muslims especially violent is pretty ridiculous.

The American establishment – its crinkly-faced, lifetime Senators, the CIA, the Pentagon, major special interest lobbies, and America’s wealthy elite whom they all serve – decided quite a few years ago to flex its muscles even more in world affairs.

The reasons were multiple, one being dark fears about the relative decline of America as shifts in the world’s economy continue. It is a valid fear, but the truth is there is nothing to be done for it. Countries like China and Russia and India are now inevitably headed for their place in the sun.

Neither wars nor Trump’s ‘great again” rhetoric can alter that reality, any more than you can stop the forces of evolution. Still, the response by America’s establishment is one of lashing out, intimidating, and making demands here and there because it is a powerful entity and it is not ready to accept its relative decline. It is an angry bull elephant lunging at anything it approaches.

That set of behaviors is almost diametrically opposed to the behaviors of “globalists,” who, at least as most would define the term, tend to be rather idealistic, liberal-minded, perhaps even somewhat unrealistic people, advocates of international trade and standards and agreements. Such people are not friendly to wars and oppression and, in fact, represent almost the opposite camp to the American establishment’s pushing aggression and imperial dominance.

Tied in with the American establishment’s fears is the rise of Neocon influence in America. The Neocons basically have been preaching for years: “Go ahead, America, you have the power- military, financial, and diplomatic, so use it to get just what you want. “

It is a somewhat soft version of fascism, if you will, and it has very much taken hold, notions growing like dragons’ teeth to shape American policy towards aggression. The great war correspondent and observer of history, William Shirer, said way back during the Nazi era, which he uniquely documented, that America’s temperament could allow it easily to go fascist. He knew what he was talking about, and it has done so.

I use the word “fascism” advisedly since one of the key aspects of 1930’s fascism was lots of swagger and militarism and readiness to use aggression to get what you want. If that doesn’t characterize how America behaves today on the world stage, I just don’t know what does.

Always behind the preaching of the Neocons is the mostly unspoken agenda of a powerful and aggressive United States being good for Israel and the hell with anyone else, especially anyone who even somewhat disagrees. This interest is, of course, diametrically opposed to the long-term interests of the American people, and for many reasons, especially the fact that Israel is a pariah state in violation of countless UN resolutions, international conventions and treaties.

Israel arouses great anger across the region which is why Israel so opposes democratic governments and likes dealing with absolute monarchs (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, Oman, etc.), unelected governments (“President” Mahmoud Abbas), and juntas (Egypt). America’s committing both to supporting these and to attacking others, for Israel’s benefit, puts it on the wrong side of history and commits it to continued aggression to enforce its will imposed on many millions of people.

It is easy to see the marriage of convenience between Neocon advocacy and American policy in the Mideast Wars, all deliberately started by America, although often given barely-plausible cover stories such as describing induced and subsidized terror as local revolts and always given lots of empty, windy rhetoric about fighting terror and getting the bad guys. America has been both creating a cordon sanitaire around Israel and gaining new authority in this large and important part of the world.

Despite all the empty words of people like Nikki Haley, in the end, if you start wars and bomb people, you are the aggressor, and aggression has consequences.

Every bit of blowback from America’s efforts becomes another excuse for further reductions of freedom and rights on the home front. After all, the very governments who created the whole mess – America and its close allies – have amply demonstrated that they are comfortable with seriously restricting freedoms. Did you ever hear of aggressors who have much respect for such things? The police/military mentality is never friendly to rights and freedoms. Never.

Of course, the shock and disappointment of Trump is that, after showing promise during the election campaign of being a genuine maverick who could temper America’s dangerously aggressive course, he has signed up in blood for the establishment’s cause and is now making more threatening noises than Obama did.

John Chuckman



Majority of British voters agree with Corbyn’s claim UK foreign policy increases risk of terrorism

Interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya have made atrocities on UK soil more likely, majority of public believe in poll


It is actually stunning that more people do not understand this relationship between America’s wars and terror.

But I’m glad that there is at least one major politician who does understand it, although, of course, he does not emphasize that they are America’s wars, but they are, and foolish leaders like Blair, Cameron, May, Hollande, and Merkel have just accepted them and played the loyal-ally role they are expected by Washington to play, even when America is doing completely the wrong thing.

Supporting your friend (or ally) should stop at the point when your friend proves to be a pyromaniac who goes out night after night, setting fires and killing innocent people.

But Europe’s major leaders have stood quietly by while the arson and killing have continued for fifteen years. Indeed, British and French leaders have actively participated in bloody destructive activities such as Syria or Libya or Yemen.

They help bomb and they help kill, although covertly and while pretending to be fighting terror, but the people of the places, you can be sure, know the truth. Thus, the “terror” attacks in London and Paris.

America has aimed for 15 years to re-create the Middle East, and it has not been too selective about the methods used. At least 2 million people have died in the long, slow holocaust, and, of course, millions have been injured and made refugees.

Every leader such as Theresa May perfectly well knows these facts but pretends otherwise – thus, in effect, accepting the horrible blowback results against their own people.

Ms. May in fact helped create the terror events in London. M. Hollande did the same for Paris. And Ms. Merkel helped create the refugee stampede.

Of course, the massive refugee crisis which has almost destabilized Europe originates in the same wars.

But virtually every leader in Europe – and especially, Theresa May – Is afraid to say so and instead tell us tales that truly make no sense.

We do in fact live in a world where typical notions of what is going on are as fake and manufactured as the story of a television series.

Our press, overwhelmingly, supports the dishonest tales of governments who support the dishonest tales of America’s power establishment.

Since only a minority of people question what they read and hear from the press, the whole business just keeps churning around like a load of wash in a washing machine.

You bomb people, you create dead and crippled victims, refugees trying to escape, and survivors, largely young men, who want justice for their losses, at least that most primitive form of justice we call vengeance.

That really is not hard to understand.

John Chuckman



Megyn Kelly Brings Out ‘Fiery’ In Putin As He Slams Western Media Coverage Of Russia

The American establishment sees Russia in exactly the same way as Rome saw Carthage.

It is stupid, of course, but the members of the establishment – crinkly-faced Senators, the CIA, the Pentagon, and the American plutocracy they all represent – just cannot help themselves.

Russia is, of course, the only nation on earth that could quite literally obliterate the United States.

The fact is a good measure of the arrogance of America’s ruling establishment, not being able to tolerate the existence of such a country, and of course they never stop trying to harass and interfere with Russia, as we see in everything from the coup in Ukraine to the Washington nonsense about Russia’s interference in the America’s election.

While China’s power is rising fast, and it will in the not-too-distant future overtake the US as world’s leading nation, right now its nuclear forces are no match for Russia’s.