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John Chuckman



“I don’t think Israel is worth one American life or one American dollar.” -ex-CIA Michael Scheuer IWB


And neither likely do most Americans.

But do they have any choice?

The policies are pushed down their throats by their own politicians.

America’s elected government simply does not reflect the views of the majority on a great many matters, especially on matters of war and peace and justice.

And, now, look at Trump actually serving those special interests even more ferociously than Obama did.

Everything from his weapons sale to Saudi Arabia (a covert ally of Israel’s and fighting wars Israel wants), his new threats against Iran which does nothing to us, his topping-up Israel huge annual welfare subsidy, his continued needless violence in Syria (which is an Israel-motivated project), the treatment of Qatar, the insane speeches of Nikki Haley in the UN, and on and on.

The people have no say in these matters, and their representatives – the powerful ones in the Senate, the legislative body with real power – are literally all bought-and-paid-for.

Elections mean nothing, and America’s population is treated as a herd.

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