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John Chuckman



How Donald Trump’s Presidency Could Inadvertently Lead to a Far Less Powerful Washington D.C.


This is fantasy nonsense.

First, no powerful entity ever gives up power voluntarily. It just does not happen. Shifts in budget or staff size from one agency to another are not decreases in Washington’s overall power.

Trump is increasing support for every genuine organization of power in Washington.

The Pentagon and the whole ugly gang of security services, 17 of them in the US.

I rarely quote Mao, but his “Power comes from the barrel of a gun” was an uncomfortable truth.

Smaller or decentralized agencies in general have very little to do with Washington’s actual power.

Trump is also cutting off other influences which can soften or attenuate Washington’s power, from support for the UN to various free-trade agreements.

Trump’s net effect will be virtually the opposite of what this writer thinks.

An extremely well-armed and security-intrusive central government with little influence from others. A Fortress Washington, if you will.

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