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John Chuckman



“Jeremy Corbyn is a right-wing Red Tory who offers no alternative to the Government”


And, John Rentoul, if anyone really wants a political columnist with something to say, he or she will have to read someone else.

Truly, this man dreams up words to fill space.

I won’t, but I easily could, write an essay about how naive and lacking in political understanding this piece is.

I’ll only say this. In real politics, most voters do not vote for programs or platforms. To think that they do is so outdated, it is Victorian. It is actually childish.

Any modern election is about whom you can trust with the nation’s future, at least in the short term.

In American elections, they spend so much money – Hillary spent about $ 1,200,000,000 – that all sense of a candidate is fogged over with pre-packaged imagery and stage sets and fake claims and idiotic sound bites – all making it very hard to even know the people.

America has been said to have the best government money can buy, and that is completely accurate.

At least in Britain, it still means something to be out on the hustings.

I’m sure people can sense Corbyn is about as decent and honest as national politicians go. Not perfect. Not telling us his every thought. But decent.

I’m equally sure, people can see May is a female re-tread of David Cameron with a touch of the psychopathic Blair thrown in.

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