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John Chuckman



Majority of British voters agree with Corbyn’s claim UK foreign policy increases risk of terrorism

Interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya have made atrocities on UK soil more likely, majority of public believe in poll


It is actually stunning that more people do not understand this relationship between America’s wars and terror.

But I’m glad that there is at least one major politician who does understand it, although, of course, he does not emphasize that they are America’s wars, but they are, and foolish leaders like Blair, Cameron, May, Hollande, and Merkel have just accepted them and played the loyal-ally role they are expected by Washington to play, even when America is doing completely the wrong thing.

Supporting your friend (or ally) should stop at the point when your friend proves to be a pyromaniac who goes out night after night, setting fires and killing innocent people.

But Europe’s major leaders have stood quietly by while the arson and killing have continued for fifteen years. Indeed, British and French leaders have actively participated in bloody destructive activities such as Syria or Libya or Yemen.

They help bomb and they help kill, although covertly and while pretending to be fighting terror, but the people of the places, you can be sure, know the truth. Thus, the “terror” attacks in London and Paris.

America has aimed for 15 years to re-create the Middle East, and it has not been too selective about the methods used. At least 2 million people have died in the long, slow holocaust, and, of course, millions have been injured and made refugees.

Every leader such as Theresa May perfectly well knows these facts but pretends otherwise – thus, in effect, accepting the horrible blowback results against their own people.

Ms. May in fact helped create the terror events in London. M. Hollande did the same for Paris. And Ms. Merkel helped create the refugee stampede.

Of course, the massive refugee crisis which has almost destabilized Europe originates in the same wars.

But virtually every leader in Europe – and especially, Theresa May – Is afraid to say so and instead tell us tales that truly make no sense.

We do in fact live in a world where typical notions of what is going on are as fake and manufactured as the story of a television series.

Our press, overwhelmingly, supports the dishonest tales of governments who support the dishonest tales of America’s power establishment.

Since only a minority of people question what they read and hear from the press, the whole business just keeps churning around like a load of wash in a washing machine.

You bomb people, you create dead and crippled victims, refugees trying to escape, and survivors, largely young men, who want justice for their losses, at least that most primitive form of justice we call vengeance.

That really is not hard to understand.

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