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John Chuckman



Megyn Kelly Brings Out ‘Fiery’ In Putin As He Slams Western Media Coverage Of Russia

The American establishment sees Russia in exactly the same way as Rome saw Carthage.

It is stupid, of course, but the members of the establishment – crinkly-faced Senators, the CIA, the Pentagon, and the American plutocracy they all represent – just cannot help themselves.

Russia is, of course, the only nation on earth that could quite literally obliterate the United States.

The fact is a good measure of the arrogance of America’s ruling establishment, not being able to tolerate the existence of such a country, and of course they never stop trying to harass and interfere with Russia, as we see in everything from the coup in Ukraine to the Washington nonsense about Russia’s interference in the America’s election.

While China’s power is rising fast, and it will in the not-too-distant future overtake the US as world’s leading nation, right now its nuclear forces are no match for Russia’s.

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