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John Chuckman



“Hillary STILL HAS SECURITY CLEARANCE One Year After FBI Concluded She Was Reckless With Secrets”


Security and secrecy and clearances are effectively a big game and an information resource for America’s privileged people.

They have remarkably little to do with genuine security or national interests, a fact which is implicit in the way they are so often used and in the immense overuse of classification.

Their main function is to hide what is happening from the country’s citizens, and that very much includes the many embarrassing blunders and criminal acts of senior government officials and agencies.

Those making the blunders are given access to the record to inform and protect themselves from difficulties which arise afterwards, to prepare legal responses, to prepare talking points, etc. The only time they are shut off from access is when a big turnaround in politics makes it expedient to do so.

The clearances are a bit like keys to a private club, distributed according to status and need-to-know for their various functionaries.

And does anyone doubt that Hillary remains a member of America’s High Brahmin Caste?

The same caste to which Trump belongs.

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