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John Chuckman



“Comey Shows Americans That Law Does Not Apply To The Elite”


Honestly, in what country has the writer been living?

You cannot observe American society for any time at all without taking this as a truth, as a building block for what we see.

You see, it has always been so where great wealth or inordinate influence exist, and America has done nothing but follow the historical pattern.

Extremely wealthy and influential people in America today are just about as insulated from the law as the great dukes of France were in, say, 1750.

For example, just look at the actual life of George Bush Jr and reflect upon the fact that, despite a record from hell, including breaking a number of laws that would send others to jail, he was made president.

A few old parchment documents with high-sounding phrases, ignored countless times in America’s history, are no defense against this reality for all human societies.

If a society wants it to be otherwise, it must constantly strive to make it so.

And America has done anything but.

Privilege reigns supreme there, everywhere.

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