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John Chuckman



“US ‘Consistently and Excessively’ Secret About Drones: 80% of Strikes Unreported”


Whether secret or not, the entire program is a disgrace.

This is industrial-scale extrajudicial killing, no different in any respect to the work of the old Argentine Junta who used to make people “disappear.”

And Trump has added even more shame to the hellish scheme by telling the psychopaths at the CIA they can freely choose whom to kill without consulting him.

Knowing this, one can only reflect with despair on idiot Nikki Haley’s abuse of Abraham Lincoln’s words, “last best hope on earth” in describing today’s America at the UN.

It is all an unbelievable nightmare, and it shows how low the principles of America’s elites have sunk.

It should serve as a warning to us all of what a dangerous thing America has become.

It recognizes no laws outside of its own, dishonors many treaties, bullies everyone and every organization with whom it has contact, overthrows governments it dislikes including democratic ones, supports dictators and absolute monarchs and unprincipled thieves, hires mercenary thugs to terrorize countries as in Syria, high-handedly declares who is fit to govern and who is not in many lands, and freely kills whomever it chooses.

In short, America’s elites do virtually everything that the words of America’s founding documents say is wrong and virtually everything that individual Americans would not tolerate being done to them.

It is hard to see how it can sink any lower in ethics, morals, or principles, except by increasing even further the amount of its killing and mayhem – a distinct possibility I should think.

It is only in the pretended adherence to empty words and phrases plus in the numbers of abused and killed that today’s United States can be distinguished by an impartial observer from fascist governments of the 1930s, but perhaps that will even change.

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