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John Chuckman



Oliver Stone: ‘Israel Meddled Far More in US Election Than Russia’


This isn’t even an opinion.

It is a plain, hard fact.

But it is America’s own politicians who inflict this on their country.

America’s elections are about money, private money, and the politicians have always refused to change the reality.

The American Supreme Court even confirmed it further with a ruling that “Money is free speech.” It reminds one of many previous, laughable decisions by that august body of political appointees who count angels on the head of a pin. I think especially of the contemptible Dred Scott decision just before the American Civil War.

Well, the Israel Lobby is simply the best organized and financed in using the terrible rules set by America’s own government.

Every Congressman is afraid to oppose the Israel Lobby’s demands. They are fearful that the campaign money and good press that could be theirs will go to an opponent instead.

They are also fearful of being labeled as anti-Semitic, a favorite cheap trick of the Israel Lobby, used regularly against people who are simply honest opponents of a dishonest government.

Moreover, Israel practically trains American legislators from the start, and it is freely allowed to do so. Every freshman Congressman following an election is offered a free trip to Israel for a combination of holiday and indoctrination. Woe betide the freshman who turns the trip down.

The intimate access Israel has, owing to its efforts and those of its Lobby, to high figures in the US is unlike anything any other nation enjoys, including far larger and more important ones. It is an embarrassing and shameful situation for a great country to find itself in.

There are many other connections and avenues of influence, secret and otherwise, including the intimate liaison permitted to many Israeli agencies, such as the military and intelligence, with American counterparts. This goes beyond the cooperation extended to many allies and into something more resembling a constant espionage and internal-influence exercise.

In a few strategic cases, Israel seems to have compromised key American government figures, too. The case of Lindsey Graham is notable.

Graham is known to be a closet gay, a fact which does not go down well in the conservative part of the country he represents.

There is no other reasonable explanation for this man’s almost insane and continuous looking-out for the interests of Israel. It’s almost as though he were an Ambassador from that country.

It seems very likely Mossad caught him once in a “honey trap” and got compromising photos.

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