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John Chuckman



“While no one can be pleased to see Bashar al-Assad remain in power…”


That is quite an ignorant statement.

It sounds like one of Netanyahu’s house servants, John Kerry or Nikki Haley, talking. It certainly reflects the thinking of the West’s worst war criminal, abuser of millions, and outright thief, Netanyahu himself.

Perhaps it just shows the overwhelming influence of America’s corporate press in molding opinions based on nothing, even in alternative publications.

Lots of people in this world view Assad as a pretty decent leader in his part of the world.

Certainly, the Syrian people do. Assad maintains higher support numbers than Trump.

Minorities like Syrian Christians are overwhelmingly in his corner. Why? Because he protects them against abuse and maintains their freedom of religion.

Most of the important clan heads also support Assad.

As do, by the way, the armed forces. They have remained loyal through five years of American-Israeli induced hell.

Assad provides peace, stability, and religious freedom – that’s actually more than some in Israel receive.

And it is the Syrian people who matter here – not this silly author, not the criminal Netanyahu, not the CIA, but the people of Syria.

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