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John Chuckman



“Sir Michael Fallon says UK backs future military action in retaliation to Assad regime using chemical weapons”


Quite simply, the statement of a liar, a two-bit version of Tony Blair.

Syria has no chemical weapons.


They were disposed of the last time this ruse was attempted by Obama, and they were disposed of under an international agreement signed by the US and Russia.

Isn’t it interesting that this comes not long after the world’s last great investigative reporter, Seymour Hersh, explained that the excuse for Trump’s missile attack on a Syrian airbase in April was totally a lie.

The supposed gas attack by Syrian forces on rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun was a fraud, and Trump’s own intelligence people told him so before he launched the missiles.

So, here we go again, American aggression in response to covert fantasies.

Never mind the principles involved in attacking a sovereign country that has not attacked or threatened you.

Never mind international law.

Never mind the serious risk of conflict with Russia, a country in Syria at the invitation of the government, its ally.

This is all about one thing: America’s deep government recognizes that its filthy, costly mercenary-terror war in Syria has failed, but it is not going to accept an outcome which allows Syria’s legitimate, and widely-supported, government to continue.

It knows, in its infinite arrogance, better than Syria’s own people how they should be ruled.

Why is that?

Very simply, this whole Syrian horror for years has represented nothing more than Israel’s demand to see Syria dismembered. It wants to keep its stolen Syrian property on the Golan Heights, property the world does not recognize as Israel’s, and it wants an independent-minded leader in the region, Assad, eliminated. It also wants to run a gas pipeline to Europe through someone else’s country, Syria, in order to sell gas stolen from Syria and Gaza.

And, of course, America’s bought-and-paid-for political establishment is ready to deliver what Israel wants, three bags full.

This is the kind of world in which we live, a world where two aggressive and powerful countries, one effectively the colony of the other and both always blubbering about democracy and ethics as they attack, steal, and pillage.

This is nothing less than fascism and aggressive war waged under a set of advertising slogans, but our corporate press, doggedly loyal to the power establishment, will never say so.

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