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John Chuckman



US Military Put on Alert; Washington ‘Waiting for an Excuse’ to Attack Syria — Russian Senator


Response to a reader comment:

“I was thinking the same (about soldiers resisting America’s nonsense); unfortunately, the majority of the US military (as many militaries) are not too bright.”

Yes, this always is true.

Armies are about two things mainly.

Learning how to kill and learning how to obey.

Besides, Americans literally are inundated with jingo patriotism from the age of five years old.

What is called Patriotism in America is actually a form of civic religion, a fairly extreme form of fundamentalist religion.

Few members of any religious cult actually scrutinize or criticize what it is they do and are expected to do.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews do not do this. Old-order Mennonites do not do this. Pentecostalists do not do this. Scientologists do not do this.

And neither does the class of people who join the American military.


Response to another reader’s comment:

“the rest of the world do know what the game is, why the hell can’t they get together and say we have had enough”

It takes leadership for nations to get together.

Do you see any in Europe today, even in one country? There is no de Gaulle or Kohl to be seen.

Also, America’s combination of covert pressures and threats and rewards, used daily with its allies, is not easy to resist.

Economic and financial power give it a mighty big stick with which to club people who do not toe the line.

Moreover, America has used its power to quietly intimidate and silence many international organizations such as the United Nations.

It regularly threatens not to pay its bills if it doesn’t get its way.

We hear no voices today from organizations like the UN, the way we once did. The US would not allow a Boutros Boutros-Ghali or another independent-minded leader to become Secretary-General.

It is truly a world empire, and empires are neither formed nor maintained with peace and love and justice.

Quite the opposite in fact.

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