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John Chuckman


“Can Democracy Succeed?”

I do think before we can address the topic, you must provide an example of democracy.

That is certainly not what exists in the United States.

And that fact isn’t just the result of recent “Deep Government” activity and Neocon influence.

The United States, if you study its history, was never intended or designed to be a democracy.

Most of “the Founding Fathers” in America viewed the concept of democracy with about the same fear and contempt as America’s 1950s FBI viewed the idea of “communism.”

That is absolutely no exaggeration, as you’ll find by ignoring American advertising slogans and Broadway show lyrics and going to read the Founders themselves.

America has kept to the pattern ever since, whether we speak of the contemptible Mexican War or Teddy Roosevelt’s phony Spanish-American War or indeed Vietnam.

The people were never consulted, only told how important what was being done was when it was actually being done, as they gave lives and treasure for the lies of imperial power.

America today is unmistakably a plutocracy. It is run by a group of power elites for the benefit of the plutocrats.

Elections are an elaborate, costly stage play with only two parties having any real standing owing to countless petty restrictions and rules and barriers, including the barrier of the need for huge amounts of money. In effect, “mom and pop” grocery stores can’t compete with vast corporate chains. They are only allowed a little space on the fringes.

Both the parties are totally committed to war and empire. Indeed, for decades the Democrats, superficially sometimes associated with being liberal, have been the war party, overwhelmingly.

The election stage show is financed by unbelievable amounts of private money – eg. Hillary alone spent $1.2 billion in her campaign to defeat a multi-billionaire. The Clintons, when they were in the White House, were reduced to appalling practices like selling a night in the Lincoln Bedroom for a quarter-million-dollar campaign contribution. The amounts of money involved cannot come from ordinary people, and, as always with large gifts, reciprocity is expected, and the givers are never disappointed.

Ideas play no role in American elections, only slogans and attitudes and paid advertising are heard while the real governing deals are hammered out behind closed doors, much like big takeovers by huge corporations.

And, as we’ve just seen with Trump, it makes no difference who is elected. This “maverick” has proved to behave like Obama on steroids, once he got inside with the insiders.

To paraphrase a famous quote of Gandhi, we can’t characterize something which has not been tried.

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