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John Chuckman


‘US Pacific Fleet Commander, Admiral Harry Harris, then said that it (a US missile destroyer, which entered Chinese territorial waters) was a signal to Beijing about the impermissibility of its actions on disputed territories.
‘”Fake islands should not be believed by real people,” Harris told Fox News.’

“Fake islands” versus “real people”? So, is Admiral Harris supposed to an example of a real person?

A truly, laughably moronic statement, one worthy of another outstanding example of America’s real people, Nikki Haley. The Admiral must have heard Nikki during her recent reading of a children’s book.

Of course, whenever people try to defend the indefensible, they pretty quickly fall into absurdities. Just listen to the words of any major American government spokesperson on almost any topic in international affairs. Or listen to Israel’s Netanyahu on what property belongs to Israel or on cutting electricity to the people of Gaza still suffering from his last bout of mass killing. Or to Saudi Arabia’s new Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, on the subject of bombing women and children in Yemen or of blockading Qatar.

‘”China is using its military and economic power to erode the rules-based international’ order,” the Admiral added.

Good God, I think psychologists have a name for the Admiral’s state of mind. It’s called “projection” when someone accuses another of doing precisely what it is that he himself is doing.

After all, here is the Admiral, perhaps ten or twelve thousand miles from home, denigrating what he finds the locals doing as he steams by in his massive war ship.

The Admiral’s is a perfect summary of the course the United States has been on for years with its “phony no-fly zone” bombings, its supply and support of mercenary-terrorist invasions in half a dozen countries, its missile attacks on armies that have not attacked it, its endless attacks on international institutions like the UN where it threatens regularly to cease its treaty-obliged financial support if it doesn’t get just the changes it wants, and with its aggressive support for the world’s worst outlaw nation, Israel, which in fact stands in violation of dozens of binding UN Resolutions and of every principle in international law and accords.

Well, the Admiral can ignore “fake islands,” but I think he better be a little careful of fake missiles, fake fighter planes, and fake warships put in place to oppose his clumsy, ham-fisted intrusions.

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