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John Chuckman


“29 Years Ago the US Navy Blew up 290 Iranians Aboard a Civilian Flight From Iranian Waters
The naval captain who killed 66 children was decorated “

Response to a reader who cited America’s atomic bombing of Japan as another American atrocity:

Yes, and comparatively few are aware of the details of this true American war crime.

The Japanese had made a number of efforts to communicate through third parties their willingness to surrender well before the bombing.

America deliberately ignored them all.

The only condition reported in these Japanese efforts was that they be allowed to keep their Emperor.

America’s only response to anyone was that Japan must surrender “unconditionally,” an unreasonable demand which amounted to rubbing Japan’s face in the dirt with their defeat.

This also must be put in light of the fact that American bombing and fire-bombing of Japanese cities had left, in the words of an American commander, not one primary target in the country left standing and a hard time finding even secondary targets.

After all, psychopath Curtis Le May was in charge of bombing the mainland, and no one could slaughter and kill better than that “natural-born killer” could.

His later achievements included an absolute holocaust in North Korea in which an estimated 20% of the population was destroyed (See: ) plus, later, a detailed plan, when he was in the Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs, for a first-strike, all-out nuclear attack on the Soviet Union. Presentation of the plan left President Kennedy feeling sick at his stomach.

America’s insistence on abjectly humiliating the defeated Japanese is a quality we still see today in many of its dealings in foreign affairs. Total dominance. Full-spectrum dominance. Tanks right on Russia’s border. American warships pushing into Chinese waters.

Of course, the secret purpose of the atomic bombings – and, by the way, a series of a dozen of them was planned for a dozen Japanese cities since America had manufactured that many bombs – was to intimidate Russia, especially concerning Europe. The Japanese sadly only provided a stage opportunity for the US to carry out its mad play.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not in any way military targets. These bombings were vast atrocities on completely civilian populations. The idea was: we’ll show the Russians how completely ruthless we can be, and of course America succeeded in its goal.

The story was put out that the bombing was to save the many American lives it would cost to invade the mainland, but that was propaganda to make the people committing the war crime feel better and to gain public sympathy. Clearly the invasion of the mainland could have been avoided just by accepting the proposals coming from Japan through “international feelers.”

The great irony is that in the end, after committing two vast atrocities and completely humiliating the Japanese with their unconditional surrender, the United States did allow the Japanese to keep their Emperor, the only step required well before to end the war.

Concerning the main topic of this article, America’s military shooting down a civilian airliner, readers should see:

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