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John Chuckman


Whose BUK? Dutch Researchers Discuss MH17
Who took down MH17? With their thousands of hours of research, they probably know more of the Malaysian airliner disaster than all journalists put together. And yet, Dutch MH17-experts Max van der Werff and Marcel van den Berg each come to different conclusions.

An interesting discussion.

However, the quote, “He declared the holes in the fuselage looked like the holes of machine gun fire,” concerns me.

I saw some very early photos of the crash site, and I would have sworn that the holes in the cabin were from cannon-fire. They were all shaped the same way and as round as if you poked the surface with a pencil.

There was also a photo of one of the pilot’s seats. It too had a couple of these unmistakably very round holes in its frame.

I simply can’t believe that fragments from a missile warhead – BUK or any other – would make these kinds of holes.

Then there is the mysterious fact that after making the pilots’ families wait a long time for the remains to bury, the family was ordered not have the sealed coffin opened, to bury it as is. At least, that was a story at the time, suggesting something about the wounds was being hidden.
Response to a reader who said:
“The Dutch handling of this mass murder will be forever their shame.
Bottom line is the junta in Kiev is responsible for this crime.”

Yes, the investigation is a shame for the Dutch, a people I have always admired for their abilities and national ethics.

But now – as with so many other things in the Western world, such as the UN and other international organizations – the Dutch are under the thumb of America.

In a widespread effort to bend the Western world to its will, the US has applied great pressures against many lands and organizations in recent years.

Much as with its horrible Neocon Wars in the Mideast, potential critics such as leaders in Europe have remained silent.

Indeed, more than that, they have absorbed the ugly consequences of America’s wars of aggression in the form of armies of refugees.

What a sad end to a long and worthy history for the Dutch.

My guess is that the United States picked the Dutch for this dirty job precisely for the reason of the respect in which they were held by many such as myself.

And they made them an offer, in classic Mafia style, they could not refuse.

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