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John Chuckman


“Why I’m glad Ivanka Trump is now leader of the free world”

We’ve had enough of Ivanka.

She is tiresome and, in roles like this, totally inappropriate.

Her “principled intervention” in Syria, as you call it?

Sorry, but that is a downright stupid statement.

We know from Seymour Hersh the facts of that phony event.

So, she was advocating to her father in complete ignorance of facts, which is not promising.

Furthermore, all well-informed people know Assad got rid of his chemical weapons in an international agreement signed off by both Russia and the US.

She should have known that.

Well-informed people also know the realities of the Syrian horror.

It is a phony mercenary-terror operation by the US and Israel and Saudi Arabia with a couple of others and secretly assisted by Britain and France, both while they make phony claims of fighting ISIS.

It is an operation to secure Israel’s stolen Syrian properties and to eliminate an independent-minded leader in the region, one well-regarded by his own people.

So, she acted in triple ignorance.

That is promising?

I’ll just add, she married Jared, an exercise, surely, in bad taste.

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