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John Chuckman


“The Fraud of the White Helmets
Hollywood buys into yet another lie”

As far as Hollywood praising the White Helmets, I offer two points.

One, the writer Truman Capote once famously said that actors, in his experience, were most not very smart people. He said, sarcastically, that “the dumber they were, the better actors they were.”

And I do think there is a touch of truth in that.

Two, please remember that Hollywood, each year, throws a big dinner party to collect funds for the IDF.

Many millions of dollars have been raised over the years for a military force which suppresses millions of people day-in, day-out, often abusing and killing, as well as supporting the outright theft of farms and homes time after time.

The Syrian horror is indeed an Israeli project. They want to keep what they’ve stolen from Syria, and they want to get rid of an independent-minded leader in the region (just was done with Libya and Iraq}. America helps here to build a cordon sanitaire for Israel.

The Saudis play a big role in the project because ever since 9/11, the Saudis have feared an American invasion in reprisal for their secret support of bin Laden.

Out of that fear, they have done a huge policy turnaround, now always supporting the United States and its colony, Israel. Israel and the Saudis are today virtually allies in secret where once they were once enemies.

Well, it is just a fact that no project Israel favors is scorned in Hollywood, a place with many supporters and lobbyists in it.
Response to a reader:

The Oscars are just a Hollywood promotional and merchandising scheme for its products.

Any relationship between the Oscars and artistic merit is purely accidental.

Countless times worthy films have been overlooked.

Countless times really poor films, or genuine pieces of propaganda, have been awarded a prize.

In addition, except for the one silly category of “best foreign film,” Hollywood literally excludes the products of countries representing the other 95% of humanity, countries which include many important film-making industries.

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