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John Chuckman


Donald Trump behaving like a dictator by leaving underqualified socialite daughter to fill in for him at G20

Ivanka, no matter what talents she may possess, is a poorly-informed person who pushes herself into areas where she has no understanding, and, of course, she is only able to do so because of her abrasive, pushy father’s patronage. Any native talent she may indeed have is not discernable in what we have seen from her so far.

No thoughtful person respects that.

Ivanka actually should understand enough herself, in just a general social and political way, not to do some of the things she has done, but she clearly does not, and clearly neither does her father in putting her forward repeatedly.

The Ivanka phenomenon is almost a direct barometer of the general decline of public respect for expertise and of the ignorant clamor for spokespeople to offer opinions on issues regardless of how little they know. It might almost be called a CNN or official Washington spokesperson phenomenon, both institutions being examples of sheer ignorance regularly heard. Nikki Haley, for example, a high-level appointee and career politician, possesses this quality of pushy, insistent ignorance in spades.

Again, Ivanka’s basic judgment may be questioned concerning her husband, Jared, who has only proved himself an exploitative – as with his genuinely smarmy pitching American residence permits to Asians who invest enough in his family company – and pushy individual, also clearly lacking basic understanding of areas where he nevertheless intrudes.

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