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John Chuckman


“Moscow Points Out Faults in US Version on Damascus Dropping Sarin Bomb in Idlib Syria”

Note that when a Director of CIA asserts anything, thoughtful people only listen to learn how facts are being twisted, not to learn any facts.

We know, since Director Helms’ testimony after Kennedy’s assassination, that lying under oath is something the CIA is allowed. He said so. So even in affairs of great internal importance, the CIA can lie if it believes it serves its purposes.

Moreover, we know that the real activity of great parts of the CIA – the operations division – is not collecting facts about the world to inform the American government but sowing discord in disliked countries and manipulating internal affairs in other countries.

CIA is a “dirty tricks” and manipulation outfit, much like Mossad, although they tend to minimize that big part of their job in their public relations. They do everything from manipulating the elections of others and giving pay-offs to cooperative foreign politicians to organizing coups and assassinations and dealing in drugs.

Nothing prevents their carrying the same set of assumptions and attitudes over into the internal affairs of the United States, except a law forbidding their internal operations.

But we know to a certainty that that law was ignored in the past – for example, CIA long opened any domestic letters and parcels it wanted to – and the truth is, if you are permitted to lie under oath and you manipulate things as everyday work in other countries, any mere law cannot control your behavior at home.

There can be little question that the same tricks employed abroad come to be employed in domestic affairs.

We had the example just a short time back of Obama’s CIA Director, Brennan, lying again and again in public about Trump and Russia and that stinking, phony “dossier.”

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