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North Korea can now fire missiles at targets across the United States, experts say

You are quoting all kinds of misinformation and nonsense.

Jeffrey Lewis is a paid hack doing what paid hacks do in America all the time, much like the “experts” which appear on CNN regularly to confirm some questionable notion.

The North Korean missile was not an ICBM, not even close.

Just as was the case with the North Koreans’ previous test, the American government and its corporate press cheering section claimed it was an ICBM and made all kinds of ridiculous claims and noises.

But the Russian Ministry of Defense knows the missile and made it clear that it was an intermediate range one, not an ICBM.

As for quoting the threats of the Korean leader ever, that is just asinine.

His words are for local consumption and are as meaningless as many of Donald Trump’s or Nancy Pelosi’s outbursts.

Response to a reader who wrote:
“Democracy is in peril in the West and events can make a huge difference as to in what form it survives.”

Democracy is in peril in the West?

And just where do you see democracy in the West?

Look at your own country. David Cameron ruled and did a whole lot of damage at home and abroad with the support of about 35% of the voters. Some democracy, that.

And the United States?

There is none. There is an elaborate, costly charade. America is totally run by money. It is a plutocracy.

Its elections are bought and paid for. Do you know that an American Senator, on average, spends two-thirds of his or her time raising money? Or that Congressmen spend hours every week working the phones for money?

Hillary spent somewhere in the range of 1.2 to 1.8 billion (yes, with a “b”) dollars, and she was defeated by a man said to be personally worth $8 billion dollars who spent a lot of his own money.

Decisions are made, just as in 18th century France, by an establishment of insiders who serve the plutocrats’ interests. You see this even with a political outsider like Trump.

He cannot make major decisions in that government. The establishment won’t let him. Outfits like the CIA have been particularly visible in opposing an elected leader, and they have succeeded to a great extent.

Obama was different in outward style, but exactly the same in substance. He played smiling liberal but did absolutely everything the Pentagon/CIA guys wanted done, none of it which America’s people wanted, all of it destructive.

He fought war after war and manufactured coups, killing at least half a million people and creating millions of refugees – all done while offering the public his boyish smile.

If that’s your idea of democracy, well, all I can say is that it’s as pathetic as calling Israel the Mideast’s only democracy and it’s a good thing there are not more such democracies.

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