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John Chuckman


US Senate Approves Iran, Russia, North Korea Sanctions

The US government is entirely in the hands of unpleasant children and lunatics.

This bill is an appalling piece of proposed legislation.

It attacks countries who have not attacked the US.

It attacks German industry as well as industry in other EU countries.

It attacks a peaceful Russia that wants only to do business with the world.

In both cases, Russia and Europe, the bill invites counter-sanctions from countries concerned with interference in their internal affairs.

It attacks Iran which has attacked no one and has scrupulously followed its obligations under the nuclear agreement.

The U.S. government does all of this, too, at a time of great economic uncertainty in the world.

Does anyone sensible believe the world economy today needs more restrictions on trade?

The contemporary US now represents a serious set of threats to the entire planet with its idiotic restrictions, its induced-coups, and its military hyper-aggression.

One has a hard time hearing a single sensible sentence coming out of the United States.

Just sick childish fantasies about Russia and American elections.

Just demands for more stupid legislation, as though you don’t already have enough.

Of course, a major driving force in all of this is America’s unbelievably-cringing attitude towards Israel.

Israel likes an aggressive America because it makes them feel more secure in their garrison state.

It also covers-up their aggression towards all their neighbors as they attempt to secure complete dominance of the region.

Israel is virtually the sole cause for the continued hostility towards Iran which is pointless and destructive.

Israel sees Iran as a regional rival, and it keeps using its immense improper influence with American politicians (through campaign-financing and favorable publicity employed by the Israel Lobby) to hype aggression and opposition to Iran.

Israel influences the aggression against Russia too because Israel likes and wants a hyper-aggressive America. It wants that everywhere with no challengers.

Russia represents the most serious challenge to a hyper-aggressive US and that automatically means Israel has problems even though it keeps good relations on the surface with Russia.

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