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John Chuckman


If Richard Dawkins can’t understand why he was no-platformed, then maybe he’s not as smart as he thinks he is

Richard Dawkins is an odd case.

A very bright, articulate scientist, a man interesting to hear on some subjects.

But on religion, he has more than once proved himself an ignoramus.

No less with Christianity than Islam.

I read his book on atheism, and what a weak effort it proved.

I am not a religious person, but I always object to arguments which do not hold, and just so Dawkins’ book.

He completely missed some of the fundamental reasons many people are religious, as for example the cultural and communal aspects of religion, and those are very important.

A worthy scientist and writer has only badly damaged his reputation in old age under the illusion that he can convince people to believe as he believes.

A bad mistake.

In a way, it reminds me of another, even more famous, scientist, Stephen Hawking.

A truly important figure in modern cosmology has, in his declining years, made some ridiculous public statements on matters about which he has no more expertise than the local postman.

I refer to his fantasies about earth ceasing to be habitable and the “need” to fly off somewhere in the cosmos to find a new home.

Simply utter rubbish, influenced, just as Dawkins objectionable statements, by personal prejudice and/or fantasy wishes, not by science.

It all does prove once again – there being many examples in history – that even great intellects can completely flounder when they deal with the emotional rather than pure science.

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