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John Chuckman


Response to another reader’s comment about the threats made by North Korea:

Do you have no understanding?

The threats from North Korea are bravado stuff for their own population.

North Korea has no motive at all to attack the US.

Indeed, it has virtually no ability to do so despite the bravado and all the American propaganda to which we are subjected.

North Korea has no ICBMs, only moderate-range missiles. Russia’s ministry of defense has told us so precisely.

And North Korea feels highly threatened by America. Who wouldn’t, given America’s posture towards them?

Remember the US keeps a large, well-equipped army on its borders.

It puts on noisy war games regularly, including flights by nuclear bombers.

Keeps warships off the coasts.

Keeps atomic weapons at the ready in Japan.

Refuses to even talk to North Korea directly.

Refuses to recognize its government.

Refuses to sign a peace treaty more than half a century after a horrible war.

Maintains as many restrictions and sanctions against North Korea as it can.

Makes belligerent speeches regularly.

If you want to see what the North Koreans fear and what terrible acts the US is capable of, see:

The unpleasant children and violent lunatics running Washington – and that includes far more than Trump – just cannot stand the idea of someone not giving in to them.

There is nothing to fear from North Korea if it is just left alone.

Russia has a small regular ferry service from its far east, and a small number of Russians take vacations in North Korea regularly with nothing to be afraid of.

This is a manufactured crisis, manufactured by the same folks who are right now trying to topple the elected government of Venezuela, already toppled the elected government of Ukraine, bombs and pays rag-tag armies of mercenaries in half a dozen countries, threatens a law-abiding Iran, threatens Europe’s economy with more aggressive sanctions against Russia, keeps running up arms right at Russia’s border, threatens China, sells an unbelievable arsenal of weapons to godawful Saudi Arabia, supports Israel’s endless oppression of millions, and runs an industrial-scale murder program with its drones.

You think about it and tell me who is actually dangerous.

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