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John Chuckman


Hilary Clinton releasing book about 2016 US election loss to Donald Trump titled ‘What Happened?’

‘Now I’m letting my guard down’

Who is she trying to kid?

This woman has never let her guard down once since she was three years old.

She lives a completely synthetic life, never saying anything sincere, never doing anything which isn’t profitable either in money or political opportunity.

Great portions of her life are complete fabrications, as the real father of Chelsea or the use of Clinton Foundation funds again and again for her own purposes, as in the case of a three million-dollar wedding for darling Chelsea.

The record of her questionable to outright unethical activities is extremely long.

Now, she can’t even accept the fact that the reason she lost was herself, not the Russians, not any hacking, not the former Director of the FBI, but herself.

People who know anything about her don’t like her, except of course, for fellow travelers trying to benefit from her success, people like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz or John Podesta, themselves people of very questionable ethics.

It is almost unbelievable but with this phony book she is trying to position herself for another run at the presidency.

And, of course, she did not write this book, just as she did not write the others with her name on the covers.

A former ghostwriter for Hillary, a woman who wrote her own biography, offers some fairly hair-raising anecdotes about what it was like working for Hillary.

Hint: not nice.

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