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John Chuckman


“Why Donald Trump could never tolerate someone who was more like Donald Trump than he was”

Andrew Buncombe generates more than his share of rubbish, causing me to regard him as a hack propagandist, but this piece sets a record. It is so bad, it literally smells.

You cannot get further away from journalism or analysis than Buncombe does in this literal parody attack piece.

Apart from making ridiculous claims about Trump, things he cannot possibly know, the author has missed the real lessons of these events.

First, Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, who recommended this nasty piece of work for the job, has absolutely no judgment.

She has demonstrated her lack of judgment on several occasions – her embarrassing performance at the G-20 and her reported advocacy of Trump’s cruise missile attack in Syria a while ago in response to a clearly phony gas attack (and some might add her choice of a husband, the regrettable and fumbling Jared) – but I think this one is decisive.

She helped get a monster into a position where he didn’t belong. And the monster quickly proved dangerous and embarrassing on a scale I’m not sure we’ve experienced before in a high-level spokesperson.

Scaramucci made it clear to everyone he was totally unfit for a job of political communications.

This brings us to a second important point. Trump is, surprisingly, quite a coward.

Scaramucci should have been fired within the hour after his obscene performance, but he wasn’t.

The job of firing this foul-mouthed lunatic waited for the appointment of Trump’s new Chief of Staff.

It reminds me of Richard Nixon. Nixon is known for having hated to fire people and always left the dirty work to others.

His quietly ruthless, personality-free, Nazi-like Chief of Staff, Bob Haldeman, was given the job of difficult firings.

Of course, at the time, it was surprising thing to learn about a man like Nixon who had a reputation for toughness and even ruthlessness.

Well, here’s Trump doing exactly the same cowardly stunt. Some toughness. Some ruthlessness.

Cowardice, just as he showed earlier by virtually collapsing to the idiotic assaults of the corrupt Democrats and the political interference of the CIA about Russia.

I would never have believed Trump a coward and had hoped before his election that here might be a man who indeed was tough enough to deal with Washington’s ugly, powerful entrenched establishment, perhaps ending the hideous Neocon Wars in the Mideast started by the smiling Obama who quietly, loyally served that same establishment.

But, no, Trump does not have the “right stuff.”

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